Stone Buddhas and Pagodas at Hwasun Unjusa Temple

Stone Buddhas and Pagodas at Hwasun Unjusa Temple is part of the Tentative list of Republic of Korea in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Zoƫ Sheng

Chinese-Canadian in NZ - 31-Jan-18 -

Stone Buddhas and Pagodas at Hwasun Unjusa Temple  (T) by Zoe Sheng

Do you know the feeling that when you visit sites and they aren't so special but have World Heritage status? You get this "meh" feeling of disappointment. Then you get to one of those places that are not listed and you do not expect to see much because, hey, those guys are ICOMOS must have checked it out already and immediately recommended for inclusion, but it turns out to be really amazing? Unjusa is one of those places.

Unjusa Temple might be one of Korea's most amazing cultural tourist spot. Yes, I know everyone goes to the temples in Seoul which I personally found mediocre but they are easily accessed and have English tours so I understand they are popular. Unjusa is far away from the nearest towns you could even try to get to with public transportation and then from there taking the bus is going to be even harder. Thus the best solution is unfortunately a rental car or finding a tour group that goes there.

From the description they used to have a thousand Buddha statues and pagodas in the temple area. Now you only get to see 94 statues and 21 pagodas. What happened to them is unclear because I can't see them being moved to other temples. Maybe the 1,000 never really existed and the records are wrong. They do not explain it on the signs.

Nevertheless what you see how is so great. Take a stroll through the entrance gate and after a few minutes walking you arrive in a green valley (I visited late fall so it may get grey here in winter). The first pagodas pop out over the tree line and you see some statues at the edge of the forest too. Some of them are not special but there are some really unique ones like the twin Buddha and the ones carved into the rock.

The temple itself is not that special but still very idyllic. Beyond the temple are paths to more statues so don't turn back just yet. The brochure has an excellent map to pinpoint each one. It is also worth climbing to the top of the mountain for a view as in the picture. Have a rest up there to soak in the panorama and descend down the other path.

You can easily spend 2 hours here.

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Stone Buddhas and Pagodas at Hwasun Unjusa Temple
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Stone Buddhas and Pagodas at Hwasun Unjusa Temple (T)
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