L'oeuvre de l'ingénieur Eladio Dieste

L'oeuvre de l'ingénieur Eladio Dieste is part of the Tentative list of Uruguay in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Germany - 22-Mar-16 -

As I wrote in the forum, it still remains to be determined which ones of Dieste's works in Uruguay are going to be included in the nomination, but two of them are certain: Cristo Obrero church in Estacion Atlantida and San Pedro church in Durazno. During my last visit to Uruguay I visited the first of the two which is situated about 50 km away from Montevideo and quite close to Atlantida, which is a busy summer resort. The church is not at the resort itself but in a small, poor neighbourhood constructed around the railway station some 5 km inland. The church is situated right where you enter this neighbourhood and is easy to overlook. Despite its unusual shape, its small size, earthen colours and proximity to other buildings make it difficult to spot. It is very well known among architects, but completely unknown to the general public and is currently open to visitors only three hours a week on Saturday afternoon. The church was built on a short budget and in a very short time, so it is striking that this work became the icon of Dieste's oeuvre. It is typically made of bricks with wavy walls and ceiling and touches of coloured glass. It is simple, yet impressive in its originality and spiritual atmosphere (Dieste was very religious). Except the main hall, you can visit a side chapel, the organ balcony, the separate bell tower and the underground baptistery which receives its water from an opening in the ceiling (oculus). The church has been recently renovated and work on the baptistery is still ongoing. I don't know the quality of the rest of the nomination, neither am I familiar with the international impact of Dieste's work. But visiting this church is worthwhile and if it represents the quality of the entire nomination I daresay it could stand a chance.

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L'oeuvre de l'ingénieur Eladio Dieste
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2010 Added to Tentative List

The site has 3 locations

L'oeuvre de l'ingénieur Eladio Dieste: Montevideo - Deposito del Puerto (T)
L'oeuvre de l'ingénieur Eladio Dieste: Estacion Atlantida - Cristo Obrero church (T)
L'oeuvre de l'ingénieur Eladio Dieste: Durazno - San Pedro church (T)
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