Ensemble du Prah Khan de Kompong Svay

Ensemble du Prah Khan de Kompong Svay is part of the Tentative list of Cambodia in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Tony Lagrou

Belgium - 22-Aug-16 -

Today I visited Prah Khan starting from Kampong Thom by motorbike. We started driving to road 62 (to Preah Vihear City). On the return we drove by another way to end on the National Road 6 (to Siem Reap ). Bot ways take about 2h 45min. Both have about 30 min excellent asphalt road. All the rest is dirt road. Price include driver was 40 USD.

The temple seems a big complex, with big and small temples. Firth I visited Prasat Damrei, or the elephant temple. This is a small piramide with an active temple on it.

A second temple is Prasat Preah Thkol. This temple is almost complete ruined. But you can recognise simular structures as in Angkor.

Third is the biggest complex, also called Prah Khan. Here also a lot of collapsed towers. How ever still nice things to see and worth the big ride if you are interested in history.

The guards telled everyday there are between 2 and 15 visitors. 15 is when a minivan with Koreans or Japanese arrives.

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Ensemble du Prah Khan de Kompong Svay
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