Danube Valley CL around Regensburg inc Walhalla

Danube Valley CL around Regensburg inc Walhalla has been part of the Tentative list of Germany.

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Germany - 19-Oct-15 -

Walhalla is probably one of the most iconic representation of Romanticism as well as Neoclassicism. It is the German equivalent to the French Pantheon in a huge Parthenon like building atop a hill overlooking the Danube with huge and long flights of steps. The inside displays dozens of busts of influential personalities of the German speaking world. I would certainly recommend a visit to anyone in Regensburg. It is very easy to reach by car - only 15 kms.

Walhalla was formerly a TWHS on its own as well as a part of a CL with Regensburg. Another adjacent CL including Weltenburg and Befreiungshalle was also suggested, whereby I believe they were planned to be combined.

Walhalla is a major monument of artistic significance. Its dimensions and spirit might not be to everyone taste, but similar to the now proposed castle of Ludwig II, it represents the growing interest in antiquity and the megalomanic tendencies of 19th century royalties. I think Walhalla would be a worthy candidate for WHS.

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Danube Valley CL around Regensburg inc Walhalla
1993 Removed from Tentative List

1984 Revision

Includes former TWHS Walhalla (1980)

1984 Added to Tentative List

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