Centre historique de Batroun

Centre historique de Batroun is part of the Tentative list of Lebanon in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Philipp Peterer

Switzerland - 23-Jan-19 -

Centre historique de Batroun (T) by Philipp Peterer

Batroun has one special feature: a piece of Phoenician wall at the coast. This is something I never saw before and worth a visit. It almost looks natural, made of the same material as the shore. It was built to protect the town from tidal waves. The rest of the center however is nothing special at all. There is a souk, some churches and that is basically it. Part of the nomination is a small, but funny looking crusader fortress on a small rock, close to the town. You can see it from the highway on route to the Qadisha valley. Not sure this site will ever make the list.

The town can be reached very easy on the costal highway. It's just a few minutes north from Byblos.


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Centre historique de Batroun
1996 Added to Tentative List

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Centre historique de Batroun (T)
Centre historique de Batroun: Chateau de Mseileha (T)
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