Gibraltar defences

Gibraltar defences has been part of the Tentative list of United Kingdom.

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John booth

New Zealand - 16-Nov-10 -

Gibraltar defences (T) by John Booth

Spanish trains stop infrequently at the station at La Linea from where it is a short walk to the border. I walked across the border and entered the British enclave of Gibraltar from where I took a bus through the narrow streets of the town to Europa Point at the southernmost end of the peninsular. From here there is a commanding view of the Straits and North Africa beyond.

Whilst the state party's description of the site is full of historical references, I found these hard to identify amongst the jumble of modern shops, banks and apartment buildings. I fact I found the town quite claustrophobic and lacking in OUV.

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Gibraltar defences
United Kingdom
2012 Removed from Tentative List

1996 Added to Tentative List

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