L'ensemble rupestre de Basarabi

L'ensemble rupestre de Basarabi is part of the Tentative list of Romania in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Philipp Peterer

Switzerland - 23-Jan-19 -

L'ensemble rupestre de Basarabi (T) by Philipp Peterer

This was certainly the weirdest TWHS I ever visited. Me and fellow enthusiast Nan stopped there on the way from the Danube delta back to Bulgaria. It’s not too far off the highway. But getting close turned out to be a real adventure.

Whatever Romania tried to establish there, they must have given up these plans. The archeological remains are covered by a massive unfinished concrete building in a fenced compound. Through a few windows (rather holes) some features of the site can be spotted. We even trespassed through the fence to get closer, but without much success. Whatever Romania once considered as of OUV lies now abandoned, covered in bird poo and surrounded by wilderness (which we conquered to get a closer look). To top the experience, the area seems to be an active military training ground and we were lucky our car wasn’t crushed by a tank.  There was also a monastery on top of the hill, but probably not part of the core zone. I would not count on this ever becoming a WHS. At least the visit was an adventure

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L'ensemble rupestre de Basarabi
1991 Added to Tentative List

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L'ensemble rupestre de Basarabi (T)
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