Ongoing Archaeological digs

WHS within which there are active archaeological digs (= Operational seasons within last 2 years. ). Specify the Institution performing the dig and, where possible, a web site or link to up-to-date information. Sites where only the evaluation of previous excavated finds has been taking place are excluded

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ancient Merv University College London . Ecavation of Sultan Kala active in 2010
Gyeongju 10-year time frame for archeological digs/exploration
Göbekli Tepe by the German Archaeological Institute
Lenggong Valley The University of Science Malaysia (USM) Archaeological Field Station opened in 2005 and will continue research (AB ev)
Nisa University of Turin. Reports up to 2009.
Paphos University of Sydney (Paphos theatre site) reports up to 2010 and plans for 2011
Peking Man Site
Southern Öland Sandy Borg (2010 to present) Dept. of Museum Archaeology/Kalmar County Museum, The Linnéaus University and Stockholm University.
Xanthos-Letoon University Laval Quebec (Canadian Epigraphic Mission) Reports up to 2010.


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