Louis XIV

Sites related to Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King. He reigned as King of France from 1643 until his death in 1715.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Defence Line of Amsterdam the old defense line was created as reaction to Louis' attack on Amsterdam
Fontainebleau Louis used the castle and ordered the construction of a new park and a canal
Fortifications of Vauban Louis ordered the construction of the fortifications
Island of Saint-Louis Named after him
Loire Valley Louis used Chambord several times for parties and hunting
Maritime Greenwich The Painted Hall ceiling contains a representation of him "Below William, clutching a broken sword, is the defeated French king Louis XIV, who wears a yellow tunic, the colour of fear and treachery"
Paris, Banks of the Seine Louis ordered the construction of the Hôtel des Invalides
Québec Bust of him in the Place Royale
Reims coronation place of Louis
Strasbourg The Free City of Strasbourg ... was later annexed by Louis XIV of France to extend the borders of his kingdom. (wiki)
Versailles Louis transformed a former hunting lodge into the palace


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