Human Migration

Process of mass migration of people.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Aapravasi Ghat Immigration depot for Indian indentured labourers to work in the sugar plantations of Mauritius, or to be transferred elsewhere
Australian Convict Sites
Chiribiquete National Park "Apparent evidence of migration of Carib groups has been found among the Chiribiquete pictographs." (Unesco)
Coffee Cultural Landscape Coffee Cultural Landscape . "The CCLC is the result of the adaptation process of Antioquian settlers, who arrived in the 19th century"
Fray Bentos Most workers and residents were immigrants from 60 different countries
Goias Goiás is the last remaining example of the occupation of the interior of Brazil (AB ev)
Granada Alhambra Decree, ordering the expulsion of all Jews from the Kingdom of Spain
Lopé-Okanda Evidence of major migration route of Bantu and other peoples
Statue of Liberty Statue welcoming arriving immigrants
Taputapuātea Connected to human expansion into eastern Polynesia by ocean-going canoe
Valongo Wharf
Valparaiso Consistent with its pre-eminence, the city was populated and influenced by people from around the world. The urban fabric and cultural identity of Valparaíso are thus distinguished by a diversity that sets it apart from other Latin American cities. (Unesco website)
White City of Tel-Aviv "There was a great affinity between the Modern Movement and the local needs of the Jewish settlement in Palestine, whose main purpose was to supply the physical structure of the Jewish homeland as soon as possible, vis-á-vis accelerating waves of immigrations." (AB evaluation)


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