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Studenica Monastery

Uro Serbia - 06-Jan-14

When you get to the place called Ušće, you take a right turn from the main road and after 11 km, you are there. There is a bus line from Ušće to Studenica and back, but it doesnt go so often. I walked from monastery back, but it wasnt so good idea, because there is now light where the road goes, only forests and mountains. I recommend to go by stop, there will be always someone from locals driving that way. Monastery is very important for Serbian history, founded by the Stefan Nemanja, first ruler of Serbia. In monastery you can see remains of Stefan Nemanja, his wife Ana and their middle son Stefan, who was the first king of Serbia.

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Uro Serbia - 25-Sep-13

I visited this site few days ago. It's not so difficult to reach if you're traveling by car. Few kilometers from the main road and you are there. The significance of this place is great for Roman history, Galerius, Caesar at the time when Diocletian was August. Place can be very quick visit. They are still working on the excavation, with support from the German government. An interesting fact is that the Galerius was one of the biggest opponents of the Christians, and continued their fierce persecution and murder after the death of Diocletian. Admission is 200 dinars (less than 2e).

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Smederevo Fortress (T)

Uro Serbia - 28-Aug-13

I visited this site few months ago. Amazing medieval castle build by Despot Djuradj Brankovic in the begining of 15th century and its still standing. It was a last defence against Ottoman Turks. When they overrun Serbian army there, medieval Serbia stoped existing and then started a 500 years slavery under Ottomans. This is a reason why is so important site. Its very easy to come here. From Belgrade or any other city. You can see it coming into the city. Free to visit, except towers, but ticket is simbolic(around 100 dinars=less then 1 euro).

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