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  1. Amalienborg and its district (T)
  2. Bahá'í House of Worship at New Delhi (T)
  3. Baroque Churches of the Philippines (Extension) (T)
  4. Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe - extension (France) (T)
  5. Black River Gorges National Park (T)
  6. Brazilian Fortresses Ensemble (T)
  7. Brooklyn Bridge (T)
  8. Buenos Aires – La Plata: Two capitals of the Culture of Modernity, Eclecticism and Immigration (T)
  9. Bunaken National Park (T)
  10. Caesarea (T)
  11. Central Park (T)
  12. Chocolate Hills Natural Monument (T)
  13. Coastal Cliffs (T)
  14. Delhi - A Heritage City (T)
  15. Diocletian's Palace and the Historical Nucleus of Split (extension) (T)
  16. Dreams in Stone - the palaces of King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee (T)
  17. Early Farmsteads of the Cape Winelands (T)
  18. Ellis Island (T)
  19. Extension of the World Heritage Site "Historic Centre of Prague" with the important Monuments in its Vicinity (T)
  20. Former M-13 prison/ Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (former S-21)/ Choeung Ek Genocidal Centre (former Execution Site of S-21) (T)
  21. Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Germany) (T)
  22. The Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area (extension to existing property) (T)
  23. Grand Trunk Road sites (T)
  24. Great Sandy World Heritage Area (T)
  25. Great Spas of Europe (UK) (T)
  26. Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago (T)
  27. Historic Centre of Guimarães and Couros Zone (extension) (T)
  28. Historical city of Izamal (Izamal, Mayan continuity in an Historical City) (T)
  29. Historical Lisbon, Global City (T)
  30. Jerusalem (T)
  31. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta (T)
  32. La Camargue (T)
  33. Lake Maggiore and Lake D'Orta lakelands (T)
  34. Le noyau historique ou la 'Cuve' de Gand, et les deux abbayes qui sont à son origine (T)
  35. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (France) (T)
  36. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (Monaco) (T)
  37. Les citadelles mosanes (T)
  38. Les grandes villes d'eaux d'Europe (T)
  39. Les passages de Bruxelles / Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (T)
  40. Les Plages du Débarquement, Normandie, 1944 (T)
  41. Les villes antiques de la Narbonnaise et leur territoire: Nimes, Arles, Glanum, aqueducs, via Domitia (T)
  42. Leuven/Louvain, batiments universitaires, l'héritage de six siècles au sein du centre historique (T)
  43. Frontiers of the Roman Empire — The Lower German Limes (Netherlands) (T)
  44. Mdina (Citta Vecchia) (T)
  45. Moulay Idriss Zerhoun (T)
  46. National Park Hohe Tauern (T)
  47. Human Rights, Liberation Struggle and Reconciliation: Nelson Mandela Legacy Sites (T)
  48. Nice, la ville neuve née du tourisme, ou l’invention de la Riviera (T)
  49. Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (T)
  50. Noyau historique d'Antwerpen -Anvers- de l'Escaut aux anciens remparts de vers 1250 (T)
  51. Pombaline Lisbon (T)
  52. Rade de Marseille (T)
  53. Romanesque Cathedrals in Puglia (T)
  54. Route of Magellan (T)
  55. Sacred Titicaca Lake (T)
  56. Salento and the Barocco Leccese (T)
  57. San Pedro de Atacama (T)
  58. Sea of Galilee & its Ancient Sites (T)
  59. Shwedagon Pagoda on Singuttara Hill (T)
  60. Site of the Retiro and the Prado in Madrid (T)
  61. Taormina and Isola Bella (T)
  62. That Luang de Vientiane (T)
  63. The Galilee Journeys of Jesus & the Apostles (T)
  64. The Lofoten islands (T)
  65. The timeless, humanistic architecture of Jože Plečnik (T)
  66. Trading Posts and Fortifications on Genoese Trade Routes from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea (T)
  67. Valle Calchaquí (T)
  68. Via Appia 'Regina Viarum' (T)
  69. Volterra: Historical City and Cultural Landscape (T)
  70. Waters and seabed of Fiordland (Te Moana O Atawhenua) (T)
  71. Zadar - Episcopal complex (T)

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