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A Media and Technology Consultant based in ASIA.

Attended Various Travel Fairs, Events, Shows and Confrences like ATF's, MTF,s PATA Shows, ROYAL TIME-Indonesia, TravelEx, Regional Travel Shows- Sinagpore, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Mice Shows, Indian, Thailand Travel Fairs etc..

Partnered and Associated with various International Travel Media Consultants, friends and Writers to promote Destinations and Tourism Sectors in the World. Focussing ASIA, ASEAN, Mekong region and other Individual destinations.

Providing the following Tourism Related Consulting services in partnered with Tourism & Media Friends from the world:

- Tourism and Travel Consulting Services
- Travel Media Consulting & Photograph Journals
- Destination Promotions and Marketing
- Tourism Marketing and Business Development
- Research and Productions - Tourism Destinations
- Heritage and Cultural Destinations Marketing
- Frequent Traveler and Media Contributor mostly on Online Media and Emails, write-ups, Papers, Policies

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Gunung Mulu

Mohan Rao Gunti Cambodia (ASIA) -

Gunung Mulu

Gunung Mulu National Park

Within the boundaries of Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak is one of the most extensive and spectacular limestone cave systems on earth, as well as the second highest mountain peak in the state. Gunung also enjoys unusually high rainfall. As a result it bursts with life, and many new plant and animal species have been discovered here. Officially constituted in 1974 and opened to the public in 1985, Gunung Mulu National Park encompasses only 544 sq. km in North Sarawak, Borneo. Gunung Mulu's Caves are extraordinary. Mulu's Sarawak Chamber is the largest natural chamber in the world, and Deer Cave is the largest cave passage known to man. It has two huge entrances at either end of the mountain it penetrates

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Mohan Rao Gunti
Cambodia (ASIA)
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Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
Preah VihearTemple in Cambodia and Bagan in Myanmar

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