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When I was young my parents used to drag me along to all these boring towns in France and Belgium. Somehow this exposure to culture did manage to rub off on me and now I'm doing the same to my daughter.
I managed to do two around the world trips during which I visited many heritage sites. It started out as an innocent way to visit the places that are considered important by the country itself, but it has evolved into an obsessive hobby! ;)
It seems that the quest to visit all world heritage sites will be near impossible, but nevertheless my wife, my daughter and me battle on bravely.

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Michiel Dekker The Netherlands - 01-Oct-10

Beautiful site with a lot of history. Also the site of one of the seven wonders of the world; the Temple of Artemis (eventhough not much remains of this site).

Worth a visit and worthy to be a World Heritage Site.

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Frontiers of the Roman Empire (extension) (T)

Michiel Dekker The Netherlands - 01-Oct-10

Visited the site and was not impressed...

I really wonder why this site is on the tentative list of Unesco World Heritage... Must say that the site is important to Dutch archaeology/history/heritage, but this site does not have a significance for world heritage. A backwater Roman settlement of which hardly anything remains?? The submission text claims "the remains ... are extremely well preserved"; for Dutch standards: yes. For European standards: NO!

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Michiel Dekker
The Netherlands
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  1. Alpine and pre-alpine meadow and marsh landscapes (T)
  2. Ancient Greek Theatres (T)
  3. Archaeological Site of Nikopolis (T)
  4. Auckland Volcanic Fields (T)
  5. Bulwarked Frontier Fortifications (T)
  6. Centro Storico di Lucca (T)
  7. Cité de Carcassonne et ses châteaux sentinelles de montagne (T)
  8. Cittadella (Victoria - Gozo) (T)
  9. Coastal Cliffs (T)
  10. Cultural Itinerary of Ecuador's Trans-Andean Train (T)
  11. Dahab (T)
  12. Desert Wadis (T)
  13. Diocletian's Palace and the Historical Nucleus of Split (extension) (T)
  14. Early Medieval Monastic Sites (T)
  15. Eise Eisinga Planetarium (T)
  16. Frontiers of the Roman Empire (extension) (T)
  17. Gorge of Samaria National Park (T)
  18. Great Desert Landscapes (T)
  19. Great Spas of Europe (Austria) (T)
  20. Great Spas of Europe (France) (T)
  21. Great Spas of Europe (Germany) (T)
  22. Great Spas of Europe (Italy) (T)
  23. Greek Archaeological ensemble in Empúries, l'Escala, Girona (T)
  24. Historic Center of the City of Trujillo (T)
  25. Historical Lisbon, Global City (T)
  26. Historical-town planning ensemble of Ston (T)
  27. Hoge Kempen Rural - Industrial Transition Landscape (T)
  28. Jaén Cathedral (extension of the Renaissance Monumental Ensembles of Úbeda and Baeza) (T)
  29. Jerusalem (T)
  30. Kahurangi National Park, Farewell Spit and Canaan karst system (T)
  31. Kaunas 1919-1939: The Capital Inspired by the Modern Movement (T)
  32. Kerikeri Basin historic precinct (T)
  33. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta (T)
  34. Koloniën van Weldadigheid (agricultural pauper colony) (T)
  35. La Camargue (T)
  36. La Rioja and Rioja Alavesa Vine and Wine Cultural Landscape (T)
  37. Lake Maggiore and Lake D'Orta lakelands (T)
  38. Lake Titicaca (T)
  39. Late Medieval Bastioned Fortifications in Greece (T)
  40. Le champ de bataille de Waterloo, la fin de l’épopée napoléonienne (T)
  41. Le massif forestier de Fontainebleau (T)
  42. Le noyau historique médiéval ou la "Cuve" de Gand (T)
  43. Le Palais de Justice de Bruxelles (T)
  44. Le palais de Princes Eveques de Liège (T)
  45. Le Panorama de la Bataille de Waterloo (T)
  46. Le plateau des Hautes-Fagnes (T)
  47. Le rivage méditerranéen des Pyrénées (T)
  48. Les citadelles mosanes (T)
  49. Les grandes villes d'eaux d'Europe (T)
  50. Les passages de Bruxelles / Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (T)
  51. Les Plages du Débarquement, Normandie, 1944 (T)
  52. Les villes antiques de la Narbonnaise (T)
  53. Les villes bastionnées des Pays-Bas du nord-ouest de l'Europe (T)
  54. Leuven/Louvain, batiments universitaires, l'héritage de six siècles au sein du centre historique (T)
  55. Maltese Catacomb Complexes (T)
  56. Massif du Mont Blanc (T)
  57. Massif du Mont-Blanc (T)
  58. Mdina (Citta Vecchia) (T)
  59. Mediterranean Wind Mills (T)
  60. Mining Historical Heritage (T)
  61. Minoan Palatial Centres (Knossos, Phaistos, Malia, Zakros, Kydonia) (T)
  62. Napier Art Deco historic precinct (T)
  63. Natural and Cultural Landscape of Danube Region (T)
  64. Necropolises of Middle Egypt, from the Middle Empire to the Roman period (T)
  65. Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (T)
  66. Nîmes, l'Antiquité au présent (T)
  67. Noyau historique d'Antwerpen -Anvers- de l'Escaut aux anciens remparts de vers 1250 (T)
  68. Parque Nacional Machalilla (T)
  69. Reef System in the Cuban Caribbean (T)
  70. Roman Ways. Itineraries of the Roman Empire (T)
  71. Romanesque Cathedrals in Puglia (T)
  72. Rouen : ensemble urbain à pans de bois, cathédrale, église Saint-Ouen, église Saint Maclou (T)
  73. Sacred Titicaca Lake (T)
  74. ShUM cities of Speyer, Worms and Mainz (T)
  75. Site of the Retiro and the Prado in Madrid (T)
  76. Sites funéraires et mémoriels de la Première Guerre mondiale (Front Ouest) (T)
  77. Sites funéraires et mémoriels de la Première Guerre mondiale (Front Ouest) (Belgium) (T)
  78. Sites mégalithiques de Carnac (T)
  79. Siwa archaeological area (T)
  80. Taormina and Isola Bella (T)
  81. The Ancient City of Apollonia (T)
  82. The Aniene valley and Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli (T)
  83. The Bodrum Castle (T)
  84. The broader region of Mount Olympus (T)
  85. The Burren (T)
  86. The city of Bergamo (T)
  87. The Historic Centre of Cajamarca (T)
  88. The Historic Centre of Sibiu and its Ensemble of Squares (T)
  89. The Historic City of Dublin (T)
  90. The Marble Basin of Carrara (T)
  91. The Mediterranean Facet of the Pyrenees (France-Spain) (T)
  92. The natural and architectural ensemble of Stolac (T)
  93. The Olive Grove Landscapes of Andalusia (T)
  94. The Silver Route (T)
  95. The Wine in Iberia (T)
  96. Thingvellir National Park (T)
  97. Turó de la Seu Vella de Lleida (T)
  98. Victoria Lines Fortifications (T)
  99. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / Thingvellir National Park (T)
  100. Vjetrenica cave (T)
  101. Waitangi Treaty Grounds historic precinct (T)
  102. Zagorochoria - North Pindos National Park (T)