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132 of the sites I have visited I saw during my bicycle tour of the southern continents (02005-02008).


A new Grand Tour began in April 2019, with plans to visit many more sites! 


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Aasivissuit - Nipisat

Michael Ayers USA - 24-Jul-19

Aasivissuit - Nipisat

Visit in July 2019

I have only a small amount to add to the two previous reviews. 

If you should happen to have your own bicycle in Kangerlussuaq, it is possible to ride through the core zone of the Aasivissuit-Nipisat WHS along the way to the western edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet. In total, the road runs for 35.5 km from the airport in Kangerlussuaq up to the edge of the ice, rising from sea level to 520 meters a.m.s.l. along the way. It is Greenland’s longest road, and, some may say, Greenland’s only road, which is, more or less, correct. The road is gravel, and at the start is in a reasonably good condition, but, in a typical manner, as you progress towards the east the condition deteriorates more and more, with several short, steep sections having a rather loose surface near the end

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Michael Ayers USA - 16-Jul-19


Visit in July 2019.

Surtsey is a place that I have been fascinated with for essentially my entire life. In fact, the island and I are almost exactly the same age. Technically, Surtsey was “born” about eight weeks before I was, but I also existed at the time Surtsey rose from the sea, I just hadn't “erupted” quite yet. I also remember watching movies about the creation of the island, and also of the eruption ten years later on the nearby island of Heimaey, in the Vestmannaeyjar, when I was in the fifth grade in primary school. Consequently, I was very motivated to make an actual visit to this difficult-to-reach WHS.

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Île d'Anticosti (T)

Michael Ayers USA - 29-May-19

Île d

Visit in May 2019

It is my understanding that the nomination of Île d'Anticosti, a large island in the Gulf of St Lawrence, is primarily supported by its being one of the premier locations for obtaining fossilized life from the Silurian epoch. If inscribed, the site will join several other Canadian fossil WHSs, and will share several features with those other sites. I was not able to determine exactly what the proposed boundaries of the site would be, or whether the site would include the entire island. From readings I did before arriving, it seems that fossils are often found wherever there is a rocky outcropping, especially at seaside cliffs and riverbanks. So it may be that most, or all, of the island is being nominated

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Chaco Culture

Michael Ayers USA - 21-Apr-19

Chaco Culture

Visit in April 2019.

I will add another review for this WHS because I included a stop at Aztec Ruins National Monument, which has not been covered previously. The Monument is located within the relatively pleasant town of Aztec, New Mexico (both usages of the name “Aztec” are acknowledged misnomers,) and so would make an easy visit for a traveler who wants to learn something about the interesting Chaco Culture and visit this WHS.

This [...]

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Coffee Cultural Landscape

Michael Ayers USA - 02-Mar-19

Coffee Cultural Landscape

Visited in February 2019.

Like many members, I am often bewildered when trying to determine exactly what I am supposed to see when visiting a Cultural Landscape site. Colombia's recently-inscribed Coffee Cultural Landscape is a perfect example of that.

As I prepared my recent visit, there was a map available on the UNESCO page for this site that, in theory, gives the location of the core- and buffer-zones of this site. However, the map is close to impossible to read easily, seemingly being created from whatever public-domain map its creators could find. Text labels for cities and towns are sometimes in the wrong place, and the roadways, and other landmarks, are also not very clear

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