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Chilika Lake (T)

Mahuhe Germany - 26-Sep-21

Chilika Lake (T)

I visited Chilika Lake, the largest brackish water lagoon in India, in 2016. I took a taxi from Puri (important pilgrimage site and popular beach resort) to Satapada. There, you can find a harbour with several tourist boats offering tours on the lake.

Chilika Lake is not a national park, so you should not expect unspoiled nature. The part of the lake I visited was extensively used for fishing. On my tour, I saw only a few birds, but midday in April is for sure not the best time of year for bird watching. However, there were some dolphins (Chilika Lake is home to a population of Irrawaddy dolphins). Unfortunately, it was an unpleasant experience as the tourist boats were chasing and surrounding the animals.

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Sun Temple, Konarak

Mahuhe Germany - 06-Mar-21

Sun Temple, Konarak

I have visited quite a lot of Hindu temples over the years. For me, the Sun Temple is unique because it takes the form of a huge chariot (the surviving structure is still 30 meters high). The architectural style is typical for Odisha but different from those in other parts of India. Highlights are the stone carvings depicting Hindu deities, animals, and scenes of daily life (including some erotic ones). There are also 24 beautiful stone wheels, each about three meters high.

Around the main temple there are ruins of minor temples and buildings. But all in all, the area of the site is small. My visit took about an hour. There is also a museum run by the Archaeological Survey of India just north of the temple. Unfortunately, it was closed when I was in Konarak in 2016.

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