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Early on I had the desire to know the world. My first trips were with my parents. At sixteen, I travelled with a friend around Europe for a month. When I got back home to Lisbon, I divided all my future vacation time by all the places in the world I would like to visit. To my surprise I concluded that I was already falling behind.

I was determined to change that and started to travel extensively in Europe. When I felt like I knew the Old Continent as well as the back of my hand, I decided to take on the world. After several years of travelling all around the globe, I still feel that travelling makes life worth living.

Like any other traveller I could organize my trips around food, beaches, hotels, sports, work, exhibits, and congresses, amongst others. There’s an almost infinite array of topics that you can organize your trips around. To me, at least, it made sense to organize my trips around UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Despite my long track record as an irredeemable traveller, and regardless of how plain the destination may be, I still feel that each new trip enriches me in some way.

My passion for travelling is shared by thousands of people around the globe. Many of my fellow passionate travellers are enrolled on the US website MostTraveledPeople that currently divides the world into 891 territories, chosen individually by the site’s 17.000 members. The website also establishes a world ranking of the most travelled people in the world. I am currently ranked amongst the 50 most travelled people in the world.

I have never made a hotel reservation before travelling. I have also never had any problems finding a place to sleep. Though I don’t follow a pre-defined travel program developed by a travel agency, I do conduct extensive research of the route I want to take. Researching is how I start what has always been a pleasurable experience: travelling.

In addition to what is almost an addictive passion – travelling -, I am also quite fascinated by photography, as it allows me to record places, moments and things. It enables me to capture a gaze or an impression that I want to perpetuate in my memory and share with the accomplices of my adventures. My Website, Flicker and Vimeo is a window that attempts to illustrate my unending pilgrimage around the world. Here you may see a selection of images that I have captured with my camera while roaming this blue dot we call home.

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