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The Historic City of Ahmadabad is a walled city dating from the 15th century, especially known for its fusion of Hindu, Jain and Islamic elements.

Further notable are its wooden houses (pol). The city wall dates from 1759.

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  • Cultural

Community Reviews

Ralf Regele Germany 11-Mar-17

Ahmadabad by Ralf Regele

Ahmadabad is not exactly a beautiful city, with the historical buildings intertwined with all kind of modern ramshackle buildings and the typical indian street chaos. It's dirty and dusty and very lively. I visited the old core with the heritage walk, which definitely leads you to places you would not have seen by your own, but was also a bit overcrowded (mostly indian students). The WHS description concentrates on the old building clusters (called pols) in the innercity. Other Ahmadabad sites like the stepwells, the sidi-saiyyed mosque and the jain temple are not mentioned. The old havelis have a very dusty charme - there are intricate carvings, beautiful decorations, but everything has a worn-out feeling. On the plus side, it definitely does not feel touristy. The proposal also seems to be the only indian WHS that concentrates not on palaces, ruins and temples, but on normal residential areas - I would therefore welcome its inscription (also as an incentive to preserve the buildings).

Visited: Nov 2015

Importance 3/5 Beauty 3/5 Uniqueness 4/5 Environment 1/5 Experience 3/5

Stanislaw Warwas Poland 13-May-15

Visited January 2011 and May 2015

The first impression: Ahmedabad is a very dusty and very dirty city. But if you have a chance to spend there more than 2 days you will discover lots of gems - not only the mosques (Sidi Sayid, and Friday mosque) and museums (Calico Textile and city museum are the must!), but also beautiful old houses, temples, Badra fort (possible to visit now) and at least two step wells in the eastern part of old city.

Hint: as Ahmedabad is not a tourist trap at all you should know that there's only ONE place where you can buy postcards and souvenirs: boutique heritage hotel House of MG, opposite Sisi Sayid Mosque.

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Community Rating 2.88. Based on 4 votes.

Site Info

Full name: Historic city of Ahmadabad

Unesco ID: 1551

Inscribed: 2017

Type: Cultural

Criteria: 2   5  

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Site History

  • 2017 - Inscribed 
  • 2017 - Advisory Body overruled ICOMOS suggested Deferral, overturned by WHC by amendment of Turkey


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  • Ahmadabad


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  • Wooden architecture: Traditional houses (pol houses) are built using composite construction techniques with timber and brick-lime. (AB ev)


  • Walled cities: The city walls are 10.97 km in length and include 12 original gates (AB ev)


  • Destroyed or damaged by Earthquake: Ahmadabad was hit by earthquakes three times in its history (in 1819, 1821 and 2001), all of which caused major damage to the historic monuments of the city. (AB ev)


  • Mughal Empire: Ahmadabad is also an important city of Mughal architecture from the late 16th and early 17th centuries, with particular contributions of buildings and gardens by Shah Jahan during his residence in Ahmadabad as the Mughal Suba. These were early prototypes for his constructions in Agra when he became emperor. (AB ev)
  • Fusion: significant for the fusion of the architectural traditions of two highly distinctive cultures and religions: Islamic architectural traditions brought by the rulers and founders of the city, and the Hindu-Jain tradition of construction and crafts of the local community (AB ev)

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