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Brugge and the destruction of a historic bridge...

Author Nem
#1 | Posted: 26 Aug 2009 10:56 
Just received this message from the Industrial Archaeology e-mail bulletin list:

I forward this e-mail to the list, as some list members may be able to help the Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology


Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 14:50:12 +0200
From: VVIA <>
Subject: Call for help: save the oldest Vierendeel-bridge in Flanders

The Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology is campaigning to save at least a part of the oldest Vierendeel Bridge in the World Heritage town Brugge, see the article in Flanders Today

All the other Vierendeel-bridges were destroyed during two world wars - only this one survived till now.

Vierendeel (1852-1940) was a famous Belgian engineer


who invented the so-called Vierendeel truss. Such trusses do not have the usual trianglular voids seen in a pinĖjoint truss bridge, rather employing rectangular openings and rigid connections in the elements, which (unlike a conventional truss) must also resist substantial bending forces. Movable bridges of this type are very rare. Only one swing bridge of this type is known: the Scheepsdale bridge in Brugge.

The Vierendeel principle, a construction similar to a truss but with rigid joints, was used in the New York World Trade Center.

A photo report on the Scheepsdale Bridge can be found at:

A list of existing and disappeared bridges where the Vierendeel-principles were used is compiled at the website

Please help us
and send a letter or a e-mail which pleads for saving at least a relevant part of this bridge

- the City Council of Brugge, Burg 12 - B-8000 Brugge an/or to the Lord Mayor,

- the Historic Buildings Department of Brugge, Oostmeers 17, B-8000 Brugge,

- the Flemish Minister in charge of Heritage Conservation, Geert Bourgeois, Arenbergstraat 7, B-1000 Brussel,

- the Flemish Historic Buildings Department, Koning Albert II Laan 19 bus 3, 1210 Brussel

- the Flemish Minister of Public Works, Mrs H. Crevits, Koning Albert II laan 20 bus 1, B-1000 Brussel,

- Mr. Paul Breyne, governor of the province of West-Flanders, Burg 3, B-8000 Brugge

Please forward this message to friends and colleagues in your country

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'Vlaamse Vereniging voor IndustriŽle Archeologie'
(Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology)
P.O. Box 30 - Post Office 'Gent Stationswijk'
B-9000 Gent-12
fax (+32)(0)56/255173
e-mail: and

The VVIA is the overall volunteer association for the study, the preservation and the interpretation of industrial and technical heritage in Flanders
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visit our website at:

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The VVIA is a member of the European Federation of Associations for Industrial and
Technical Heritage / E-FAITH - see:


General discussions about WHS Forum / General discussions about WHS /
 Brugge and the destruction of a historic bridge...

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