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Stoclet Palace, interior

Author meltwaterfalls
#1 | Posted: 4 Jul 2009 17:58 
Does anyone know what has happened with the interior of Palace Stoclet.

When I visited a few years back there was a legal battle to keep the interior decorations together. Three grandchildren of the original owners were wishing to sell off the Klimt mosaics, and one was fighting to keep them in the house.

Has this issue been resolved?
Or have UNESCO added it to the list as an attempt to keep everything in situ?

The documents have not been uploaded yet from Seville, and internet searches have not turned anything new up.

Does anyone have any update?

On a much more hopeful note, does anyone know of any way of getting a view of the inside? Does it feature in Belgium's Open House weekend?

Author EnsignYoshi
#2 | Posted: 5 Jul 2009 09:04 | Edited by: EnsignYoshi 
The last thing I heard about it (and which seems to be corroberated by the story on this site (in Dutch)) is that the Brussels Government protected the entire interior, objects,the garden,...

Some of the heirs challenged this decision with the conseil d'etat/raad van state.
Now I tried checking the conseil's d'etat website and I think I found the arrest in question (though I'm not sure). From what little French I understand I believe the heirs appeal was rejected.

So I believe that the interior is protected now. I kinda doubt btw that UNESCO would inscribe this property if it wasn't fully protected...

General discussions about WHS Forum / General discussions about WHS /
 Stoclet Palace, interior

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