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News from Edinburgh WHS - connections!

Author Nem
#1 | Posted: 27 Jun 2009 05:19 | Edited by: Nem 
A 19th century tunnel is to be re-opened, which runs under Edinburgh's World Heritage Site:

More here:

and history and pictures:

The Time Ball on the Nelson Monument (Calton Hill*) is also currently undergoing repair, and should soon be back in action, along with the One O'Clock Gun which is fired from the castle daily:

The connection? Greenwich and its time ball:

Greenwich is, of course, itself a WHS.

"Time Ball
What time does the time-ball drop at Greenwich?
In 1833 a red "Time Ball" was installed on the roof of the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Daily at 1pm a red time ball drops on the Old Observatory to set World Time

It drops at 1pm because the astronomers were busy with their telescopes with the midday sun.

At Greenwich the bright orange time-ball on the observatory roof drops at 1pm every day. It has done this every day since 1833. 1pm was originally chosen to enable the astronomers to undertake telescopic observations at noon. The tradition is maintained today for the benefit of tourists. NB In summer it drops at 13:00 (1pm) BST or 12:00 (Noon) GMT."

*Doctoral research is currently being being carried out on Edinburgh's Calton Hill: irsten/Kirsten-McKee/research-papers/Whats_the_use_Fighting_an_uphill_battle_wit-1.pd f?attredirects=0&auth=ANoY7co0ZVlVuFBZCzbihQ12obSYP6CyZJ2tW4JtAYpK9TVXE85Q1TIjqSZmbVG GVy1wCiOohz0L3s76pcxwz8aCn2CD9WVszFpmZcIAJbChrdRi0BY7cKMOVypgfXvHB5zah67_VY1-Ob1SxWIu pYEH4Db6LAunIpuStBO5hWEteOdXr33h7Oyl90hV7RItqsgc-jAjmx2oRY7vgucYIAsGDakv033JWfCM7jRb6 sv-PlCVGPErPgUyG4J1IdyOOZIBf556A3gDaGB6U7GS3t_EpU-QKBLTKHpW1HMNp29aoWCE3Pq9ado%3D

In itself, Calton Hill is considered a WHS 'connection':

"UNESCO World Heritage site of Edinburgh. This site, designated in
1995 encompasses the Old Town, which is dominated by its medieval fortress; and the
neoclassical New Town, whose development from the eighteenth century onwards had a far-reaching influence on European urban planning. These two contrasting historic areas, each with many important buildings, is what UNESCO states "gives the city its unique character and outstanding universal value."

In between these two areas, however, at the eastern end of the World Heritage Site, lies what is considered as the link between these juxtaposing areas. This is a small protrusion of volcanic rock known as Calton Hill, which is considered as a significant example of a nineteenth century designed landscape by William H. Playfair. This area is particularly important within a Scottish context but is also significant within the wider scope of architecture and planning during the nineteenth century, particularly as it is centrally situated within a bustling mercurial urban environment, yet has remained by-and-large as it was originally planned."

Ref: see paper above for more...

Author Nem
#2 | Posted: 27 Jun 2009 06:52 
More astronomy connections:

Author Nem
#3 | Posted: 1 Jul 2009 05:47 | Edited by: Nem 
The Edinburgh Time Ball has ben lifted back into place, and so should all be working again soon:

which is good.

Author Nem
#4 | Posted: 1 Jul 2009 11:43 
Here's a news report from yesterday's Scottish TV e-restored/

(Warning - there's a noisy advert at the start of the video - it doesn't last long!)

Author Nem
#5 | Posted: 30 Sep 2009 03:35 
The Time Ball is once again back in full time action, last Thursday at 1pm being the first time, and all apparently went well. It is still all done by manual labour and clockwork!

Author Nem
#6 | Posted: 7 Oct 2009 18:30 
Another research paper on Calton Hill - the National Monument, for anyone with an interest:

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 News from Edinburgh WHS - connections!

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