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Author mrayers
#1 | Posted: 25 Jun 2009 02:43 
Hello everyone,

I discovered a couple of months ago, when I was working on a big update to my personal site. What a great site you have here!

I eventually did finish my own site, and in it there is a set of pages listing all the WHSs I visted on a three-year bicycle Tour which I completed last fall.

I was feeling pretty good about myself for seeing many sites, but the 126 I visted, plus another 18 from my earlier life, doesn't even get me into the top 25 of the members here. You all rock!

At least I can be proud for visiting most of them (generally located in the southern regions of the World) by bicycle.

In case anyone wants to have a look, there is a very brief description and a pic of each at:

Good luck adding to your own lists!

Michael Ayers
Oregon, USA

Author Solivagant
#2 | Posted: 25 Jun 2009 03:02 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Thanks Michael - you certainly took some wonderful photos! I look forward to perusing the rest of your site at leisure and learning more about your great trip - reliving my own visits and dreaming about the ones I might yet make!

Author Solivagant
#3 | Posted: 25 Jun 2009 16:44 | Edited by: Solivagant 
The "readers" of this Web site are aiming to get uploaded a review by someone who has been there of every WHS! Currently we are at 802 sites. I notice that you went to 7 of our as yet unreviewed sites on your grand trip - any chance of a review please?
Brazil - Atlantic Forests, Goias, Cerrado
Bolivia - Sucre
Ecuador - Sangay
Colombia - San Agustin, Tierradentro

It doesn't have to be that long - just something to help people determine the site's potential interest to them and any useful info about visiting - oh and a photo!

Author mrayers
#4 | Posted: 27 Jun 2009 23:05 
Thanks for looking Solivagant!

I did look at the list of reviews a while ago, but not too thoroughly, so I hadn't had a chance to determine which I could do that were needed. Thanks for figuring that out! I will try and do a few when I have a chance, though I don't know just when that might be yet ;-)


Author meltwaterfalls
#5 | Posted: 4 Jul 2009 17:46 
Certainly an impressive journey, I for one am very envious. I really like your marks out of 10 for ease of visit and amazement factor. If you could fill in any of the blanks on this site it would be really appreciated. Thanks for letting us know about your website.

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