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Shrinking the List

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Author nfmungard
#16 | Posted: 3 Jul 2021 16:17 
This whole exercise comes down to getting a Top List that we already have:

I would disagree:
1) Explain the OUV of Berne to me. Meanwhile, I feel quite capable of explaining the OUV of the Berlin Modernist Housing estates. Indeed, there are some lowly rated sites (Hildesheim, Sreberna) that could go without a fuss.
2) Are all locations of the Limes created equal? Hexham vs Osterburken really the same thing?...

My original focus was on point 2) as I find it really annoying with the manifold serial sites to pick the best site.

"Hanseatic towns of the Baltic (and beyond)"!

Bergen - Woodtown. Visby - Fortified Island town. Talinn - Fortified land town. Novgorod - Really sth else. Riga - Old town plus Art Deco. L├╝beck - the center.
I think there is enough variability to warrant more than one site.

Castel del Monte - Aenigmatic and architectonically striking, but what is its OUV?

The very fact that it's architecturally striking. It's a building that could still be modern today. From the medieval ages. With symbolism etc... It just is a very good example that some of the assumptions we have about the past do not hold.

Villa d'Este - Wonderful garden, wonderful position, "normal" palace. But is it enough? Probably a reformulation as Tivoli, with both Villas and the historical center combined, would be a solid WHS.

Merge is fine with me: Tivoli, suburban Rome for Millenia ;)

I am a sucker for gardens. And Ville d'Este is just a very different way of approaching a garden.

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General discussions about WHS Forum / General discussions about WHS /
 Shrinking the List

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