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Is anyone going to travelling in lijiang

Author Melodyma
#1 | Posted: 8 Nov 2008 01:49 
Is anyone going to travelling in lijiang?
It's a very beautiful city in westen-china.

And When step on Lijiang, Puzzled by the enchanting classical, actually Lijiang is made up of water and wood. Wherever you are, water, wooden houses would be seen.

In Lijiang Old City, In front of every house has a stream, the fine willow branches finger the years of old houses. Fresh flowers blossom in order to lure butterflies. Yulong Snow Mountain inverted reflection in water. The old house have two floors, the second one is used to store. An old waterwheel is still rotating. It rotates the memory, the years, the history.

The main nation is Na Xi nation. The costume which women wear is extremely particular, they ware a shawl, on which embroiders some "stars" and the "moon", so they call that "Toil night snd day"

Na Xi is still using Tong Pa traditional words. Tong Pa words look like pictographic. I think learning Tong Pa words may develop people' intelligence.
In the evening, other perspective will be appearing. Every house light on the lanterns which hang up outside of their door. Along the stream as if walk into Suzhou, a;; the world is red. The youths sit in bars drinking, singing, with happiness impression on their faces. Passer by sometimes follow them granted that they suppose them.

On the stream, Lotus Lights are gloating, people put the wish into the lights. They wish the lights take away sadness, bring luck.

General discussions about WHS Forum / General discussions about WHS /
 Is anyone going to travelling in lijiang

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