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Seasons Greetings and good travelling in 2013!!

Author meltwaterfalls
#1 | Posted: 24 Dec 2012 21:56 
Well Solivagant started it off last year and I think it is a great tradition to keep up.

As such I'm wishing many happy and safe travel's for 2013 + a merry Christmas and most importantly happy WHS hunting for everyone, may your visits to the most remote Struve Geodetic Measuring Posts be merry and bright!

Be warned I may well return with a review of my travelling year like last year!. But maybe when it isn't so early in the morning and I don't have a nephew wanting presents as soon as I stop typing!

Vrolijke Kerstmis Els (if that is right) Dank u for making such a lovely hub for us World Heritage Site enthusiasts to meet.

Merry Christmas, Gelukkig kerstfeest, frohe Weihnachten, Buon Natale, חג המולד שמח, veselť VŠnoce, Feliz Natal, joyeux NoŽl, С Рождеством, عيد ميلاد مجيد (sorry if I missed you or if Google translate doesn't give the best emphasis) Happy travels in the up coming year

Author elsslots
#2 | Posted: 1 Jan 2013 02:30 | Edited by: elsslots 
I finished my year in style: visting some WHS in Austria. Reports will follow.
My yearly total of visited WHS ended in 43, a good score. The best this year were:
- Petra (Jordan)
- Wadi Rum (Jordan)
- Loire Valley (France)
- Baalbek (Lebanon)
- Yakushima (Japan)
- Vinales (Cuba)
- Sardona (Switzerland)
- Elvas (Portugal)

Wishing you all the best for 2013!
And let the good reviews keep coming.
I was happy to notice a first for the "W" National Park in Niger yesterday.

Author hubert
#3 | Posted: 1 Jan 2013 08:26 | Edited by: hubert 
I would like to join meltwaterfalls in saying many thanks to Els for this great website. I am looking forward to another year with interesting and inspiring discussions in this forum.
Happy New Year and exciting and safe travelling in 2013 for all of you.

Author joycevs
#4 | Posted: 4 Jan 2013 09:52 
Happy new year everybody! And thanks Els for another year of great work!
From my trips to Iran, Thailand, Austria, Spain, Cuba and India (now that I see the whole list I realize I've travelled quite a bit in 2012) my best visit was definitely Iran! I would love to go back.
Good travelling to everybody on this forum, may you visit a lot of good WHS in 2013 :-)

Author meltwaterfalls
#5 | Posted: 4 Jan 2013 11:10 | Edited by: meltwaterfalls 
Happy New Year all, I warned you I may be back with more.

I didn't get to South America, Australia or climb a mountain like I thought last year (Events, dear boy, events!) but here is my overview for 2012

How many new WHS visited: 26 new 40 altogether.

Best WHS: Yellowstone, it was just magnificent being in it with sparse crowds and having to warm up by visiting thermal hot pots.

Honourable mention: Tallinn, this was perhaps my favourite short trip of the year, walking around on a freezing cold weekend was a great way to see this well preserved site.

Most disappointing: There were no real stinkers this year. Avila and Lednice/Valtice are the ones I gave the lowest scores to, but both of those could be much better if I visited at a different time of the year

Biggest WHS Surprise: Idrija and the general area of western Slovenia were really wonderful, I had low expectations for Idrija itself but it turned out to be very charming. In fact the whole of that trip around the Gulf of Trieste was really nice.

Best WHS revisit: After a 6 year break Olomouc was as charming as I remembered it being, but the main accolade has to go to either Vienna or Prague, which resumed their tussle for my favourite city, it is impossible to separate them in my eyes.

Best non WHS travel experience: Mormon hospitality and home cooking in and around Utah will take some beating, and just the general experience of rolling from diner to motel clocking up ludicrous mileage in our little car made my trip to the US very enjoyable.

Those little sports events in the east-end of London were rather good too, but there wasn't much travelling involved on my part.

Biggest non WHS disappointment: I can't say I was particularly taken by Copenhagen, and to my surprise I actively disliked the self declared WHS of Christiania. But I think Taos, NM was the place I most disliked, the WHS was interesting though.

Biggest non WHS surprise: That suburb of Seoul I stayed in last year because it had loads of cheap love hotels and some Joseon Tombs has become an international sensation that even my Nan knows about now.

The year ahead: A quiet one on the travelling front as I have some other big events in the offing. But Riga and Benin are featuring in my thoughts at the moment.

Anyway, there is my indulgence, wishing you all a Happy New Year and safe travels.

General discussions about WHS Forum / General discussions about WHS /
 Seasons Greetings and good travelling in 2013!!

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