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Current Outlook of Future WH Inscriptions

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Author meltwaterfalls
#16 | Posted: 12 Sep 2012 07:08 
Innsbruck/Karwendel is interesting. Most people in Innsbruck think, that the city is well known anyways and that the WHS status would rather restrain the development of the region. And that modern architecture like the Hungerburgbahn by Zaha Hadid would not have been built with the Unesco.

Perhaps they are right to be wary (Dresden, Liverpool) but Graz has built an awful lot of new buildings in the city centre without being reprimanded (as far as I know anyway). In fact that was the thing I liked most about Graz. What would otherwise have been a pleasant but run of the mill European 'Old Town' was made into a really charming modern city by being brave and discerning with the introduction of many high quality modern buildings. The balance worked perfectly, to my eye anyway.

The Hungerburgbahn has long been on my radar as a site to visit, it looks magnificent. I've just spend a few weeks in and around Hadid's Aquatics centre in London and even in its current bastardised form (with the additional seating 'wings') it was awesome and made me want to see more of her works.

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General discussions about WHS Forum / General discussions about WHS /
 Current Outlook of Future WH Inscriptions

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