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Panorama Mesdag, Marine Reserves of Sinai, Golden Bridge, Tobolsk, Transiberian RW, Andaman Island

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#1 | Posted: 10 May 2008 19:16 
Several proposals:

Panorama Mesdag - the biggest painting in the world made by Medag in the 19th Century. It stands in the Hague in a museum constructed for this purpose and it surrounds the viewer. It isn't necessarily a significant masterpiece in the history of art, however the concept of a gigantic non-architectural work of art which encircles the spectators is novel and anticipates some developments in modern art. It isn't on the T list.

Marine Reserves of Sinai - Along the Red Sea there are several such reserves retaining a high biodiversity including large reefs. Not on a T list.

Golden Bridge - I took the idea from someone in this site, but I don't remember exactly where from. This is certainly a major creation in the history of engineering and architecture. Not on the T list.

Tobolsk - The first Russian city in Siberia. It represents the earliest European colonialism in Asia. The city is well preserved and has its own Kremlin. Not on the T list.

Trabsiberian Railway - Another major project in modern engineering. Beyond being the longest railway it contributed a great deal to the development of Russia. Not on the T list.

Andaman Islands - near Thailand but belonging to India. Mixed. They show a huge biodiversity as well as some of the most primitive autoctonous cultures yet practiced (certainly not intended in a derogative sense!). By the way, there's even an Andaman Association which follows possibilities of these local tribes being a clue as to the history of human expansion from Africa.

Top 50 Missing Forum / Top 50 Missing /
 Panorama Mesdag, Marine Reserves of Sinai, Golden Bridge, Tobolsk, Transiberian RW, Andaman Island

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