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Kolyma Highway (the Road of Bones) - Russia

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#1 | Posted: 14 Feb 2009 11:26 
The Kolyma Highway (also called the Road of Bones) is the highway connecting Yakutsk and Magadan in East Siberia. It was entirely built by forced labourers in extremely harsh conditions during Stalinist times. It is the largest project completed using forced labour in modern times (and perhaps ever). The bones of the workers who died where added to the building material, hence the horrifying second name. Along this road several Gulags have been preserved as museums documenting this dark era. It is the best documentation to the evil of the Soviet regime feared at the time throughout the world and copied by other regimes (such as North Korea).

Top 50 Missing Forum / Top 50 Missing /
 Kolyma Highway (the Road of Bones) - Russia

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