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Top 50 - Europe and North America [2020]

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Author winterkjm
#286 | Posted: 14 May 2020 04:13 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Glad to see your Modernism proposals again Vantcj1.

I was wondering your thoughts on the "Spread of International Style Modernism to the United States" proposal (now approved)? This certainly originated from you and I hope it's satisfactory to your original aims. I know the norm/model is to go with Major Works/Masterworks approach with Modern Architecture (which is understandable), as I shared in the linked thread it felt like there was an opportunity and really a narrative that lent itself to grouping components (in the US) from Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Richard Neutra, and Phillip Johnson. While I understand this serial (multi-architect) approach could be seen as a "stretch", I personally viewed the spread/transfer of Modernist forms from Europe was so clear in this regard in all 4 architects work.

Thank you! I think you really captured the essence of what I was trying to propose

Just saw your latest post, glad to hear this.

Author Assif
#287 | Posted: 14 May 2020 11:55 
Major works of Louis Kahn:
Countries: USA, Bangladesh, India.

I second this.

Author winterkjm
#288 | Posted: 14 May 2020 16:09 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Here is the Missing 2020 list so far. I am counting 125 approved proposals, but I am sure I made a couple errors? Nearly 50% are from Russia and the United States.

Armenia 1
- Areni Cave / Historical remains of Areni
Azerbaijan 1
- Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan
Belarus 2
- Postwar Minsk
- Chernobyl Exclusion Zone + Polesie State Radioecological Reserve
Belgium 1
- First World War Funeral and Memorial Sites (Front Quest)
Bosnia Herzegovina 1
The Mountain Village of Lukomir
Canada 8
- Quttinirpaaq National Park
- Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound Glass Sponge Reefs
- Sirmilik National Park and Tallurutiup Imanga
- Bay of Fundy
- Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (transnational)
- Ivvavik / Vuntut / Herschel Island (Qikiqtaruk) and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (transnational)
- Fur Trading Centers of the Northwest (transnational)
- The Transatlantic Telegraph Route: Valentia Island to Heart's Content (transnational)
Finland 1
- The Architectural Works of Alvar Aalto
France 8
- Marine Ecosystems of the Comoros Archipelago
- Lakes of the Great New Caledonian
- Sites of the Lapita culture (serial, transnational)
- Marquesas Archipelago Marine Reserve
- First World War Funeral and Memorial Sites (Front Quest)
- Megalithic Sites of Carnac
- Volcanic and forest areas of Martinique
- Transborder Amazonian Park: Parc amazonien de Guyane and Tumucumaque Mountains National Park (transnational)
Georgia 2
- Vardzia-Khertvisi
- Dolmens of North Caucasus
Germany 4
- Dreams in Stone – the palaces of King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee
- Berlin Wall
- Works of Alvar Aalto
- Olympia Park, Munich
Greece 2
- Minoan Palaces of Crete
- Santorini
Ireland 5
- Aran Islands
- The Monastic City of Clonmacnoise and its Cultural Landscape
- The Royal Sites of Ireland: Cashel, Dún Ailinne, Hill of Uisneach, Rathcroghan Complex, and Tara Complex
- The Transatlantic Telegraph Route: Valentia Island to Heart's Content (transnational)
- Pubs of the UK and Ireland (transnational)
Israel 1
- Desert kites of the Middle East
Italy 2
- Padova Urbs Picta
- Salento and the "Barocco Leccese"
Lithuania 1
- Kaunas 1919-1939: The Capital Inspired by the Modern Movement
Malta 1
- The fortified cities of Mdina and Cittadella (Gozo)
Norway 2
- The Lofoten Islands
- Svalbard Archipelago
Portugal 1
- Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina
Russia 21
- Arkaim
- Vainakh Towers
- Dolmens of North Caucasus
- Vera Island
- Kapova Cave (Shulgan-Tash)
- Moscow Metro Stations
- Seven Sisters
- Tobolsk
- Rostov Kremlin
- Trans-Siberian Railway
- Petroglyphs of Lake Onega and the White Sea
- Works of Alvar Aalto
- Lena River Delta
- The Great Vasyugan Mire
- Land of the Leopards National Park
- Lower Amur River Basin
- Central Siberia Nature Reserve
- Volga Delta
- Russian Arctic
- Bering Strait - Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge and Commander Islands (transnational)
- Early Space Launch Facilities of the 20th Century (transnational)
Spain 1
- Madrid's Baroque centre
Switzerland 1
- Pont sur la gorge du Salgina
Turkey 6
- Ancient City of Kaunos
- Harran
- Iznik
- Vespasianus Titus Tunnel
- Theatre and Aqueducts of the Ancient City of Aspendos
- Konya-A Capital of Seljuk Civilization
Ukraine 3
- Chernobyl Exclusion Zone + Polesie State Radioecological Reserve
- Cultural Landscape of Canyon in Kamenets-Podilsk
- Odessa
United Kingdom 11
- Chagos Marine Protected Area
- Historic Centre of York
- South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Marine Protected Area
- Oxford and Cambridge Historic Universities
- Engineering of Isambard Kingdom Brunel
- Tate Gallery, London
- Bermuda Blue Halo Marine Reserve
- Birth of the Football Stadium: Sports architecture of Archibald Leitch
- Falklands Conservation Area
- Inns of Court
- Pubs of the UK and Ireland (transnational)
United States 38
- Heritage of the Hawaiian Kingdom
- Ancestral Lands of the Diné: Canyon de Chelly & Monument Valley
- Coso Rock Art District
- Rock Art of the Chumash People
- Bodie Historic District
- Case Study Houses in Los Angeles
- Early Chicago Skyscrapers
- Hoover Dam
- Golden Gate Bridge
- New York Skyscrapers
- History of Film: Hollywood & the Movie Palaces on Broadway, Los Angeles
- Spread of International Style Modernism to the United States
- Major works of Louis Kahn
- Works of Alvar Aalto
- First Transcontinental Railroad
- French Quarter of New Orleans
- Temple Square, Salt Lake City
- Ford Plant Ensemble: Birth of the Automotive Industry
- The Mall of Washington DC
- Eastern State Penitentiary
- Quincy Mine
- Tevatron
- California Current Conservation Complex
- Alaka'i Swamp
- Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail
- Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
- Marianas Trench Marine National Monument
- Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park
- Arches National Park
- Badlands National Park
- Petrified Forest National Park
- White Sands National Park
- Mojave Desert: Death Valley & Joshua Tree National Park
- Ivvavik / Vuntut / Herschel Island (Qikiqtaruk) and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (transnational)
- Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (transnational)
- Bering Strait - Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge and Commander Islands (transnational)
- Early Space Launch Facilities of the 20th Century (transnational)
- Fur Trading Centers of the Northwest (transnational)

Author Sjobe
#289 | Posted: 14 May 2020 17:06 
- The Architectural Works of Alvar Aalto

This is an interesting professional view and detailed breakdown of proposed works. I mainly agree with all this. Just some slight notes:

-The Viipuri Library (1935,Vyborg, Russia): Together with Paimio, it was one of his earliest and most resonating masterpieces, a revolutionary building that -even when partly a reconstruction, after the terrible damage it suffered during WWII- should definitely be considered.

Actually Viipuri Library suffered only minor damages during WWII. What damaged it the most was the horrible "renovations" made by Soviets and Russians. The renovation was so bad that Alvar Aalto thought that it had ruined his work. On 2014 ended the proper restoration work which was made under supervision and consultation of Finnish foundation.

Then, what works of his should be best to inscribe?

In the Finnish media has been told that on the upcoming tentative site will be about 10–15 buildings, probably also from other countries. Mentioned in the media are especially the Paimio Sanatorium and the Sunila Pulp Mill and Residential Area.

For me, the core of the Works of Alvar Aalto are Paimio Sanatorium, Viipuri Library, Villa Mairea and Säynätsalo Town Hall. All the others will be nice extra.

Apart from Villa Mairea there is another notable private residential house, Maison Louis Carré. As you told, the best of his ecclesiastical works are Vuoksenniska Church and Santa Maria Assunta in Riola, but probably also Lakeuden Risti Church and two churches in Wolfsburg.

Aalto's Works in Germany are not very familiar to me but it was interesting to read your comments about Wolfsburg Cultural Centre. In my opinion the Baker House is not the best works of Aalto, but I guess it would be good to have one site in USA.

In Finland the best known works of Aalto to the public are Finlandia Hall, university campuses (University of Jyväskylä and University of Technology [now Aalto University]), the House of Culture, and the administrative and cultural centres of two cities (Aalto Centers in Seinäjoki and Rovaniemi). I don't think those are not good enough for WHS.

On this forum has been comments about Aalto being better as a designer. While I don't completely agree with this, the main idea throughout his career was design as a Gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art. In Finland we talk about "Paimio Chair", and many of his best known designs was created for some specific building like "Bilberry" for Maison Louis Carré, "Beehive" for University of Jyväskylä, this for Villa Mairea or this for Säynätsalo Town Hall.

Author Jurre
#290 | Posted: 14 May 2020 20:49 
Full Name of Site: Kızılırmak Delta Wetland and Bird Sanctuary
Country: Turkey
Short description of site: The Kızılırmak is the longest river that rises from and also flows into the territories of Turkey, and also that has the second biggest drainage basin of Turkey. It is a representative of the Global 200: Freshwater ecoregion "Anatolian freshwater", which is not yet represented on the WHL. The Kızılırmak Delta is also within the Global Priority Place "Greater Black Sea Basin". It is the biggest wetland in the Black Sea Region and is a Ramsar Wetland of international importance. While Kızılırmak Delta hosts rare or endangered bird species, it has also a big importance for the bird species that directly pass over Black Sea in West Palearctic Region. The habitats of Kızılırmak Delta that are sea, river, lake, marsh, swamp, meadow, pasture, forest and sand dunes.
Criteria: Natural

Author winterkjm
#291 | Posted: 14 May 2020 21:22 | Edited by: winterkjm 
I really hold the Community Likes feature in high regard. Even if it's just a couple votes.

Kaunos (!00%), Harran (100%), Konya (100%), Aspendos (100%), Vespasianus Titus (100%), Íznik (100%)

Kızılırmak Delta Wetland and Bird Sanctuary (33%)

Rejected by IUCN in 2019 and withdrawn by Turkey. This doesn't mean its OUV is hopeless, on the contrary based on Wojciec's review there seemed to be quite a lot to admire, but how the park was organized, managed, seemed insufficient? I personally love wetlands and would like to see more on the list. Can Turkey turn this around for 2022?

Author Assif
#292 | Posted: 15 May 2020 01:27 
Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

This is included in the Bering Strait proposal.

Author csarica
#293 | Posted: 15 May 2020 13:11 
My suggestions for Turkey:

1) Mardin
It was the capital of Artuqid and the city was full of very fine examples of Artuqid architecture. The old city was established on a rocky hill and the cultures of Kurdish, Arabian, Assyrian and Turkish people have been blended inside city's walls for ages. If I would only suggest only one place from Turkey for "top missing", this would definitely be Mardin. Imo, it is a "4+ stars" place and I haven't seen anybody who went there and came with regret.

2) Iznik
An extremely important city for Christianity. It has lots of historical places from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman era. Definitely a "top missing" place, imo.

3) Konya
An important city since antique ages. Home of the Sufi Mevlevi order, which has a significant impact in Islam and has influenced western communities with its panentheistic or pantheistic ideas. Definitely a "top missing" place.

Harran and Sanliurfa - It is a place with historical importance but Harran is in ruins currently, there is not much to see there except some replica houses. Sanliurfa has an empty castle with a nice panorama but not much more. There are fine examples of mosques there and perfect mosaics from Roman era. It definitely deserves to be a WHS but not a "top missing" site.

Religious buildings and cemeteries:
Akdamar is a very fine example of Armenian stone architecture, and a very important place in Armenian history. It is an amazing place to be with a great nature, especially in spring. But again it deserves to be a WHS but not a "top missing" site. It is also true for Sumela monastery, wooden mosques, st.nicholas church, st. pierre church and st. paul church. All deserves to be a WHS, but not top missing.

4) Sultan Bayezid II. Complex. This is a psychiatric illness treatment center in Edirne from Ottoman era. An amazing complex with a great history associated with religious buildings and a medical school. I think it is very unique. Should be considered.

5)Ahlat cemetery. An absolute yes for this one. Extremely unique, well preserved grave stones from Seljuk era scattered in an enormously large area.

Archeological Sites:
6) Kaunos - I agree with most of you that Kaunos should be listed. Pontic king tombs are similar to this one, but Kaunos should be a better candidate for top missing list.

7) Kekova. It is a true gem. Amazing nature with a half sunk archeological city. Very well preserved. In my top 3 in Turkish twhs.

8) Sagalassos 9) Kibyra 10) Aspendos 11) Perge 12) Termessos 13) Lycian cities

These are the sites in best shape and I believe at least half of them should be listed. My personal favorites are Termessos, Sagalassos and Lycian cities (i.e., Olympos)

Ishak Pasa Palace is an important example of Turkish style palaces. A must to be inscribed as a WHS but not top missing. I agree with you.
Vespasianus Titus Tunnel is also great, but not top missing.

14) Gallipoli - This is the place where one of the bloodiest wars on earth took place. This is a very critical front in the world war and has a great importance in the histories of English, Australian and Turkish nations.

Author vantcj1
#294 | Posted: 15 May 2020 14:39 | Edited by: vantcj1 
I don't think those are not good enough for WHS.

Yes, I definitely agree with that. That's why I didn't mention them. Interesting (and fitting) to see that Finland is considering a wider, serial site for Alvar Aalto's works.

Author vantcj1
#295 | Posted: 15 May 2020 16:12 | Edited by: vantcj1 
1) Mardin

Well, you just convinced me. I'll give it a second, as I have no problem to support historic centers, if they are interesting and bring something to the table. Here it would be -for me- mostly the Artuqid dinasty link. For how you describe it and a Google search, it seems as a really stellar site.

I'd like to put forward a site I think is hugely important in the history of Urbanism:
Site: Archaeological Site of Priene, the city planned by Hippodamus of Miletus:
Country: Turkey.
TWHS? Yes: Archaeological Site of Priene

Short description of site: A historic Ionian city near the Menderes (Meander) river, Priene was rebuilt in the 4th century BC under a plan devised by Hippodamus of Miletos, the most known urban planner in the Antiquity and "the father of European Urban Planning". Representing the most well-preserved city-planning example from antiquity until now, Priene is quite important in terms of understanding the development of city-planning in Asia Minor and as a model for modern city planning.

Here, on a very steep slope, he devised an Orthogonal plan, that contrasted hugely with the traditional cities of the time, which grew organically. He is seen as the originator of the idea that a town plan might formally embody and clarify a rational social order and, in Priene, he divided the small city according to functional purposes and adapting the complicated local topography, rather than adapting to it.

In Priene, each insula (block of buildings) of the residential district was originally probably divided up into eight oblong plots of land for houses with courtyards. Areas were left vacant in the town centre for the Agora and the most important shrines. Springs to the northeast above the town supplied Priene with water by means of clay pipelines and street canalisation disposed of the sewage, also conceived by Hippodamus.

As a small city and one that had a long decadence, it contrasts with other Hippodamic cities by how much the design and structures have been preserved.

Feel free to consult: Priene; Hippodamus of Miletus; Google Image Search.
Criteria: Cultural

Author Sjobe
#296 | Posted: 15 May 2020 17:15 | Edited by: Sjobe 
My suggestions for Turkey:

Excellent, this gave a good insight into Turkish T list sites. And sorry that I cited your WhatsApp message :) I thought that Turkish sites deserved a closer inspection.

Well, you just convinced me. I'll give it a second

Great to see that there is support for the proposal I made already two weeks ago ;) But seriously, Can's description is very convincing.

Ahlat cemetery. An absolute yes for this one. Extremely unique, well preserved grave stones from Seljuk era scattered in an enormously large area.

If this is an official proposal, I second this.

Author csarica
#297 | Posted: 16 May 2020 10:33 
Well, you just convinced me. I'll give it a second, as I have no problem to support historic centers, if they are interesting and bring something to the table. Here it would be -for me- mostly the Artuqid dinasty link. For how you describe it and a Google search, it seems as a really stellar site.

You can check this video to have a better insight into how Mardin and Konya look. Additionally, there are also nice shots of Turkish WHSs in the video.

Author elsslots
#298 | Posted: 16 May 2020 14:21 
I think I need to close this topic, as the run for Europe & North America is over and we move on the Latin America.
Will update the spreadsheet for the last time.

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