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Top Missing - Undiscovered

Author winterkjm
#1 | Posted: 21 Jul 2019 00:07 | Edited by: winterkjm 
For fun, I thought it might be interesting to include an informal top missing sites that remain undiscovered and may even be mythical. When I say "mythical" I do not mean El Dorado or Atlantis, instead sites that have well-documented evidence of likely existence and at least sustained efforts of discovery. Considering tombs/tumuli, there have been significant efforts made to discover these sites below. There is also a myriad of lost cities that are believed to have existed.

Tomb of Alexander the Great

Tomb of Antony and Cleopatra

Tomb of Achilles

Tomb of Genghis Khan

Author Zoe
#2 | Posted: 21 Jul 2019 22:20 
Probably not world heritage material but I have these:
Flor de la Mar shipwreck
Amber Room (not the replica)

Author evilweevil
#3 | Posted: 22 Jul 2019 01:04 

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 Top Missing - Undiscovered

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