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Author david
#1 | Posted: 19 Sep 2008 17:36 | Edited by: david 
Full name of site: Cultural and Natural Landscape of the Santorini Archipelago
Country: Greece
Short description of site: 73 sq.m. archipelago of 5 volcanic islands; water-filled caldera with 400 m deep central lagoon and 300 m high cliffs; marine area around the island; Minoan archeological site of Akrotiri with well preserved remains of a city; classical greek city of Thera; vernacular settlements with houses and churches in Cicladyc style; vineyards.
Criteria: Cultural i (for Akrotiri), iii, iv, v, Natural vii, x
Current status: Not on the TL
Outstanding universal value / comparative analysis: most preserved Minoan archeological site; best example of Cycladic vernacular architecture; most beautiful Greek vineyards; one of the most beautiful volcanic sceneries in the world.
Cultural landscape: The link of the settlements and vineyards with the natural landscape is really strong and adds spectacularity to both the natural and cultural elements; in particolar the setting of the settlements on the cliffs makes the views unique in the world.
Authenticity/Integrity: Very high apart from the villages which were in great part reconstructed after earthquakes and eruptions but in a traditional style, even if modern mass tourism infrastructures are too much evident and inappropriate.

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