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Missing cultural landscapes ?

Author Khuft
#1 | Posted: 4 Jun 2013 14:47 
Ok, ok, many of you will ask: do we need even more cultural landscapes on the WHS? And indeed, the list of vineyards is already quite long - not counting the additional ones on the TLs. Other types of agriculture have been included too either on their own (coffee, tobacco) or as part of a broader nomination (e.g. tea plantations as part of Wuyi, if I recall correctly).

Nevertheless, I find this topic quite interesting, and am looking forward to the more exotic/awkward propositions, like the Slovakian "original meadows" pasture TL site. In this vein, here are two additional ones, both from Japan, which could be interesting:

- Shiitake production cultural landscape on Kunisaki peninsula

Shiitake mushrooms grow on wood, and over time the Japanese seem to have perfected the production method - i.e. cutting down the necessary wood, "inoculating" it with shiitake spores, manage it over time while the shiitake develop edible mushroom heads, etc.

The enclosed description provides more details (unfortunately no pictures):

- Wasabi cultivation

Wasabi is a very hard to raise plant, as it needs running water. Thus, no large scale production is really possible; but over time the Japanese have developed techniques - such as diverging small rivers towards terrace-like structures - to grow wasabi.

The enclosed link shows some pics:

Author jonathanfr
#2 | Posted: 4 Jun 2013 16:22 | Edited by: jonathanfr 
Some suggestions :

-clove plantations (Tanzania)
-copra and taro (Oceania)
-fields of wheat (Beauce, Ukraine) or maize
-Firestone Plantation (Liberia)
-hortillonages (Amiens)
-kafa biosphere reserve
-Keukenhof, flower fields of the Netherlands
-lavender fields Valensole
-maple (Canada)
-Napa Valley
-oyster beds of Marennes-Oléron
-phosphate mining landscape (Nauru)
-ranching (Argentina, Texas)
-rape fields of Luoping
-spices (Kerala)
-tea plantations of Sri Lanka
-the cotton fields of Mississippi
-the olive groves (Greece, Italy, Spain...)
-the orange groves of Florida
-vineyards in the southern hemisphere

I tried to respect the concept of global strategy :)

Author Solivagant
#3 | Posted: 4 Jun 2013 17:29 
See also the discussion we had back on Jan this year on T List "crop" landscapes age=4#msg6178

Author Durian
#4 | Posted: 4 Jun 2013 21:35 
Shiitake production cultural landscape on Kunisaki peninsula - Wasabi cultivation

It is indeed interesting, if the method of cultivations are developed by many generations and become local speciality, it can be interesting site to inscribe! I'm not sure with Shitake CL but Oita's dried shitake is indeed very unique and different from normal dried shitake from other source. I tried it at Japanese food festival, the size was quite big and quite similar with abalone! so if this is the result of long generations of development on mushroom cultivation not the result of nature, then I will support the idea.

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 Missing cultural landscapes ?

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