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Quiçama National Park

Author Xeres
#1 | Posted: 3 Aug 2008 07:15 
Full name of site: Quiçama National Park
Country: Angola
Short description of site (also include multiple locations if applicable): Containing flatland, rivers, marsh, and woods, and forested savanna, home to many endangered animal (Such as giant sable, elephants, and the farthest south habitat of manatees). what makes this park unique is that it is a living laboratory of how animals adapt to transplanting. In 2001, operation noah's ark, transported thousands of animals from South Africa to to various parks in Angola, including this one: the largest such operation in the world.
b]Criteria (cultural, natural, mixed):[/b] IX, X
Outstanding universal value / comparative analysis: while there are many other African nature parks, this one is unique in that the majority of its animals have been transplanted into the environment. It also preserve the farthest south habitat of Manatees, something no other Park does.

Author m_m
#2 | Posted: 4 Aug 2008 02:40 
this is the first time i encountered this place. anyway, i'm not sure of any cultural criteria related here, since yellowstone was the first national park, and waterton-glacier the first international peace park. but those "cultural" aspects were just part of citations not really related to the main natural value of the sites.

for the transplanting effort, if it is meant to reflect the biodiversity of the place that has long disappeared, then it's ok. but if the games are completely "foreign" (not part of the natural ecosystem) of the place, then natural criteria might not be applicable, and the value might even be lost from the transplanting effort.

for the manatee, if it is a viable population, then it might be used to justify criteria ix and/or x, but most likely vii if the population is really significant and concentrated. being the southernmost habitat might just be of secondary value unless the population is sustainable and the site is really important in sustaining a large, healthy population (like in the case of russia's wrangel island for whales and birds). a good "template" to follow when it comes to judging the manatee's value to the site might come from the hawar islands nomination. i remember that the islands' main justification is containing one of the largest manatee (or dugong? can't remember that one) populations in the world. but it was deferred since it doesn't really protect the seagrass and other related nutrients/ecosystems that are the primary reason why they are there.

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 Quiçama National Park

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