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Devils Island

Author Xeres
#1 | Posted: 30 Jul 2008 15:39 
Full name of site: Devils Island
Country: French Guiana (France)
Short description of site (also include multiple locations if applicable): One of the most infamous prisons in history, Devils island was opened in 1852 as a penal colony. the remains of prison blocks, chapels, insane asylums, cisterns, warehouses, kitchens, lighthouse, and the unique cable car sytem, are all well preserved. it is an outstanding example of an 19th century penal colony/prison. it is also interesting for the nature on the island, and how it has started to reclaim the stone buildings.
Criteria (cultural, natural, mixed): III, IV, VI, IX
Outstanding universal value / comparative analysis:. the only other prison site on the list is Robben Island, which is from 100 years later, and very different. in state of preservation, importance in world history, most historical prisons pail in comparison to Devil's Island.

Author m_m
#2 | Posted: 31 Jul 2008 00:05 
well, robben island is probably the only island used as a prison site on the list. but prison sites being located in an island is actually quite common throughout the world, with alcatraz island being probably the most famous. aside from alcatraz, other sites that maybe used for comparative analysis are those from australia (part of the australian convict sites nomination), some islands located along the italian coast (well, i'm imagining count of monte cristo)... even fernando de noronha was used as a penal colony...

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 Devils Island

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