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Out or In Doubt #11

Author elsslots
#1 | Posted: 6 Sep 2009 08:06 
There we go again:

(1946) Necropolises
Paestum Cosilinum
>> cannot find anything about it; spelling? location?

(1942) Libraries
Caserta - Biblioteca Palatina
>> is it in the palace?

1948) Roman monuments converted into churches
Paestum - San Michele alle Grottelle in Padula
(1947) Cave Temples/Churches
Paestum - San Michele alle Grottelle in Padula
>> not sure if it's included, only the monastery is (Certosa di Padula)

(1932) Built or owned by British
Vicenza - Villa Barbaro was built for Daniele Barbaro who was the English embassador and his brother.
>> He was the Venetian ambassador to England, so an 'Italian' and not a Brit

(1918) Communism
Platz der Einheit is NOT inside the inscribed area of Potsdam which consists of palaces and parks. See map on UNESCO site and compare with a Google map of Potsdam marking the Platz der Einheit
>> deleted it

(1917) Modelled after
Vicenza - Villa Pisani in Stra is modelled after Versailles
(1916) Napoleon was here
Vicenza - Villa Pisani in Stra - Napoleon acquired the villa at 1807.
(1915) Hitler was here
Vicenza - Villa Pisani in Stra - Here Hitler first conferred with Mussolini in 1934.
>> The Villa Pisani inscribed in this WHS is another one, not in Stra but in Montagnana (the other wasn't designed by Palladio).

(1914) Communism
Vilnius - Zaliasis Bridge I think it's within the boundary.
>> I don't think it is, the current bridge a new addition (1952) while only the historic centre of the town is part of the WHS. Also not mentioned in docs.

(1911) Sufism
Budapest - Masoleum of Gul Baba
>> not mentioned in specific list in nomination document, and also on map looks to be situated just north of core area

(1898) Built or owned by Germans
Bern - Albert Einstein's house
>> he lived there, but seems to have only rented it,

Author Assif
#2 | Posted: 6 Sep 2009 08:40 | Edited by: Assif 
The Palatine Library is in the Caserta Palace:

Neither Padula nor nearby Cosilinum are indeed within the park:

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 Out or In Doubt #11

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