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Moving of some connections to a new category

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#1 | Posted: 23 Mar 2009 08:31 
Looking up some connections on the list I found it rather difficult to trace them. For most connections the current division works out fine but for some I think it can be improved.
My main problem is with the distinction between "Architecture", "Human Activity" and "Buildings and Obejcts".
Architectural styles and techniques certainly fall under "Architecture". There is however some inclarity regarding architectural forms (eg octagons, cycoliths), city architecture (eg large squares), garden architecture (eg man-made terraces or formal gardens) and art forms typically incorporated into a building (eg mosaic art, fescoes and murals by famous painters, monumental fountains, praying labyrinth).
Some of these are under "Human Activity", some under "Objects and Buildings" and none under "Architecture". Wouldn't it be profitable to make this distinction more systematic?

Connections Forum / Connections /
 Moving of some connections to a new category

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