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Festivals / Carnival

Author elsslots
#1 | Posted: 17 Jan 2009 06:20 
I've created a new Connection called 'Festivals' on the instigation of 2 of you.

However, some questions remain:
- Carnival in Aachen and Cologne is certainly huge, but can you link them to the Cathedrals? (traditionally the carnival celebrations started at the church, but I don't know if that is the case in Aachen and Cologne)
- The same with Tarragona, can you link the carnival there with the Roman remains?

And what about national and religious festivals? For example, in the Kathmandu Valley there is a different festival each month. And every Spanish (colonial) city gloriously celebrates Semana Santa. St. Petersburg celebrates a Carnival on its birthday (May 27). Do we include these?

Author Xeres
#2 | Posted: 17 Jan 2009 06:59 
What exactly would you consider to be in this category. Would Quebec City's winter carnival count?

Author EnsignYoshi
#3 | Posted: 17 Jan 2009 09:29 
Not quite sure if you mean this with festivals / carnival but:

I think the procession of the holy blood can be linked to the holy blood basilica in Bruges.

Belgium has some world heritage festivals on the immaterial list, I'm not quite sure if some of them incorporate buildings from the belfries list.

Also I'm pretty sure the ommegang in Brussel takes (partly) place at the grand place.

Connections Forum / Connections /
 Festivals / Carnival

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