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Historic Cinemas

Author Solivagant
#1 | Posted: 5 Oct 2014 12:09 | Edited by: Solivagant 
There was a nice set of photos of Indian cinemas in a UK newspaper this morning ( re-palaces-in-pictures ) which set me thinking are there no "Historic cinemas" somewhere among the currently inscribed WHS? We certainly haven't yet identified a Connection for them and, to date, no purpose built cinemas have slipped into the Connection for "Theatres"!

Old cinemas have long been among the buildings I look for when sightseeing in a town or city they are often faded Art Deco buildings which have fallen on hard times. Asmara (on Eritrea's T List) is the "world capital" of such buildings and may one day make it to inscription (see - source=bl&ots=M1TFQKJcCx&sig=xa9g_Ce0mHRHfLdXKjBAXmzA5Qw&hl=en&sa=X&ei=FmYxVKSnOM76aq 2YgegO&ved=0CGIQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=asmara%20cinemas&f=false ). My enthusiasm for taking photos of one of these which happened to be situated relatively near the presidential palace led to my arrest by a very aggressive soldier sticking his rifle barrel firmly into my back and marching me off!

Below are my "finds" to date. Beyond Asmara I think that Mumbai might well have at least one (e.g The Eros?) which would be very appropriate for the "home" of Bollywood! I have not been able to discover one in Napier -only an Art Deco theatre.

WHS containing historic "purpose built" cinemas (i.e Not converted theatres etc). Defined as pre-1950. The cinema doesn't have to be currently operational but must preserve the majority of the original structure.

St Petersburg
"Aurora". (1913) Nevsky Prospect.
"Dom Kino" / "Rodina" (1914/16) Karavannaya Ul
"Cinelandia" (1941) Hendrikplein, Punda. Currently non operational
"Splendid Palace" (1923) Elizabetes iela 61
Tel Aviv
"Esther" (1930/1) Dizzengoff Square (Now the "Cinema Hotel")
"Tower Bioscoop" (1948) Heerenstraat (said in 2006 to be partly in use as offices with the auditoium only occasionally used)

Author meltwaterfalls
#2 | Posted: 5 Oct 2014 17:36 
I enjoyed those and I've spent the evening reminiscing about the best cinemas from my travels and local environs.

In Mumbai I saw the Eros, but ended up watching a film at the Regal, not quite as architecturally impressive, but still a rather nice experience. I guess both will feature on the t-list nomination.

Alas I am struggling to link ones back to WHS. I'm sure there are plenty just not coming to mind, will try to come back with some.

Author paul
#3 | Posted: 6 Oct 2014 08:35 
Theater Tuschinski

Seems to miss the core zone of Amsterdam by a few meters. I once saw Nosferatu with live Wurlitzer organ there.

Author meltwaterfalls
#4 | Posted: 6 Oct 2014 09:00 
I thought the Lucerna Kino in Prague was a converted theatre, but no it seems it was just a very early cinema.

Author Solivagant
#5 | Posted: 6 Oct 2014 10:37 | Edited by: Solivagant 
he Lucerna Kino in Prague was a converted theatre

Yes -certainly!! This is certainly a very useful site for Cinema nuts and has more info and a number of links for photos

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 Historic Cinemas

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