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Famous Tapestries

Author PTK
#1 | Posted: 5 Sep 2008 20:54 
Angers isn't a part of the Loire Valley world heritage site so the Apocalypse Tapestry would not qualify.

Author elsslots
#2 | Posted: 10 Sep 2008 12:33 

Sometimes it's really difficult to tell if a site is within or outside the boundaries of a WHS.
In this case, I just don't know.

The Chateau d'Angers isn't named in the ICOMOS documents or the Nomination Dossier.
The city of Angers is, however, as is the river Maine where the Chateau is located at. And there are some secondary sources like the English Wikipedia that do include the Chateau d'Angers in the WHS.

How are you so sure that it isn't part of the WHS?

Author Solivagant
#3 | Posted: 10 Sep 2008 15:13 | Edited by: Solivagant 
I don't think that the city of Angers IS included. The phrase used in the evaluation documentation to describe the extent of the inscription is
"Some 200km of the central part of the main river valley are the subject of this proposal, stretching from Sully east of Orleans to the junction of the Loire and the Maine near Angers in the west"

The French Wiki entry for Angers states
"L'agglomération angevine s'étend sur le site de la vallée de la Loire, classée au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO."

Other French Web sites I have looked at about Angers are all rather coy about clearly and directly claiming actual inscription. As I read the above and the other Web sites I conclude :-
a. The actual Valley of the Loire IS inscribed
b. The inscribed site doesn't go up-river from the junction of the Loire and Maine ("... to the junction..." and ".. the central part of the main river valley" - of the Loire ie not tributaries)
b. The suburbs of Angers DO extend south to the Loire - but that clearly EXCLUDES the historic parts of the central town - and the Chateau! Angers is (deliberately??) obfuscating the issue of whether it is a WHS or not by claiming that its suburbs reach the Loire Valley site!

Author elsslots
#4 | Posted: 10 Sep 2008 15:44 
The ICOMOS document does mention: Notable among the urban settlements
are (from north-east to south-west) Sully, Orleans, Blois,
Amboise, Tours, Saumur, and Angers.
- So that would be one point again in favour of inclusion.

There's a map of the nominated area on page 39 of the nomination dossier. Unfortunately it has no legend so we cannot see for sure what is within the core area. I suppose it's everything inside the red lines. So that would leave the city of Angers out, but possibly the Chateau in as it is close to the river.
On page 522 of the same document there is another map, from which could be concluded that the suburb of Angers bordering the river is in the border zone. The chateau isn't named as one of the core objects.

The German (!) Wikipedia also mentions that the historical center of Angers is included.

Ah! I always dreamed of being a detective...

Author PTK
#5 | Posted: 10 Sep 2008 18:08

Go the left of the page and click on the map. It shows Angers as being outside of the boundary. I hope this clarifies the issue.

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 Famous Tapestries

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