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Notable minaret lost

Author elsslots
#1 | Posted: 24 Apr 2013 12:43 
Seems that we have lost a Notable Minaret from our Connection today:

I wonder what the WHC will do about Aleppo especially. Should be labelled In Danger.

Author joycevs
#2 | Posted: 24 Apr 2013 16:03 
So tragic. It's been only a few years since I walked around that beautiful mosque. The fighting doesn't seem to stop and the world doesn't do a thing about it. Sad to see that there's no help when a country doesn't have a lot of oil...

Author winterkjm
#3 | Posted: 24 Apr 2013 22:50 
Indeed, a trajedy with no forseeable end. The media has lost interest long ago after the Assad regime didn't fall as many predicted. Nevertheless, this forum is probably not the best place for a political discussion.

Author joycevs
#4 | Posted: 20 Jun 2013 09:49 
Six Syrian WHS are now placed on the Danger list! press release
See this video from Syria to see the damage

Author vantcj1
#5 | Posted: 20 Jun 2013 16:40 
That video is the most horrible thing I've seen since the Bamiyan Buddhas were bombed.

Author meltwaterfalls
#6 | Posted: 21 Jun 2013 05:21 
That is bitterly depressing.

I'm guessing that wasn't the colonnade at Palmyra at the start and 1:16 of the video as I assume that would be bigger news. Even if not Palmyra it is rather depressing viewing.

Not wanting to get political, but it was with a dejected sigh that I saw the split of nations on the move to place all 6 sites on the endangered list. France on one side Russia on the other, very familiar to those following 'diplomacy' around Syria at the moment.

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 Notable minaret lost

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