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Astrology and Astronomy

Author elsslots
#1 | Posted: 24 Aug 2012 11:34 
An interesting new initiative, with more detailed explanations about major sites of astronomical importance (some of them WHS): list-heritage-entities

Author Solivagant
#2 | Posted: 3 Feb 2023 02:48 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Matters have moved on since Els posted this, now broken, link over 10 years ago.

UNESCO seems to be forging "partnerships" with a number of international institutions representing areas of knowledge and expertise which have links with "Heritage". These result in Web sites describing such "specialist" heritage whether already identified for World Heritage (Inscribed/T List) or not. We recently came across an example of it doing so for "Geoheritage" with the IUGS ("International Union of Geological Sciences")
Here we have a collaboration with the IAU ("International Astronomical union")
I wonder how many others there are?

Here is the active link to the "Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy" which, IMO, is well worth knowing about and using. Strangely it seems to be "badged" as being a UNESCO Web site with the usual logos BUT "in collaboration with IAU" and doesn't follow either normal UNESCO domain naming conventions or its Web site design.

Its sections and navigation are not of the simplest and you will need to "play around" a bit to find what is there! A couple of examples -

a. I went there when trying to discover more about "Uraniborg and Stellaeburgum" in Sweden. Following yesterday's BBC Sounds "In Our Time" about Tycho Brahe (recommended!) These 2 historic sites relating to the development of Astronomy in the 16th C are not on Sweden's T List - but (possibly) have enough surviving authentic tangible heritage to be so?? The IAU portal highlights them as being of "Outstanding Astronomical Heritage" - there are other interesting potential WHS (as well as already inscribed/T List) sites on the list if you look around.

b. Comprehensive "case studies" delving further into sites of "Outstanding Astronomical heritage" - inscribed, T List and not on either. See this example regarding Risco Caido

Plenty to go at if you are interested in Sites of Scientific Heritage.

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 Astrology and Astronomy

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