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Connections for new WHS

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Author Assif
#16 | Posted: 23 May 2018 14:57 
Göbekli Teke (continued):

Top missing
Directly in danger
Purpose built visitor centre
Cemetery - Before the excavation, there was a Muslim cemetery at the site.
Frontier wall - A Roman era square building was discovered. It could have been a guard tower along the Limes Arabicus.

Author Assif
#17 | Posted: 17 Jun 2018 15:43 | Edited by: Assif 
Pimachiowin Aki:

boreal forest
living indigenous religions
world biosphere reserves
third attempt or more
continuing CL


tapir - mountain tapir
epic names
4th millenium BC - from 3600 BC
endemic bird species
hand paintings or prints
living indigenous religions
seasonal WHS - "Excavations carried out in specific areas yielded the conclusion that Chiribiquete was not used as a housing site but as a ritual site, visited seasonally." (Unesco)
human migration - "Apparent evidence of migration of Carib groups has been found among the Chiribiquete pictographs." (Unesco)

Author Solivagant
#18 | Posted: 30 Jun 2018 14:20 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Shiraz is now a "Hot spot" - times by road 1 way
Persian Gardens - In town (Bagh-e Aram) and at Pasargadae
Pasargadae - 1hr 45 mins
Persepolis - 1hr
Sassanian landscape - Sarvestan is 1 hr 15 mins, Firuzabad 1hr 45mins and Bishapur 2 hrs 15 mins

Author Solivagant
#19 | Posted: 2 Jul 2018 13:32 
Barberton etc
Named after an individual
"The town was named after Graham Hoare Barber (1835-1888) who discovered a rich gold-bearing reef there in 1884" - Wiki

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 Connections for new WHS

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