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Modernist Architecture / International Style

Author elsslots
#1 | Posted: 5 May 2008 03:19 
I've changed the name of this connection from 'Modernist Architecture' to 'International Style' to make it more specific. Of course the entries have to be re-evaluated too.
Anyone good at modern architecture?

Author meltwaterfalls
#2 | Posted: 8 May 2008 09:03 
I have been thinking long and hard about this and at present the only one that I would suggest re-moving is Skogskyrkogarden, although it is modernist, I wouldn't place it in the International School.
It is tough to draw limits to the international school, but I have managed to break it down into group of certainly in and ones I am unsure on due to lack of knowledge on the site/ limits of the school.
Core sites: Bauhaus, Tugendhat Villa, Rietveld Schroderhuis, White City of Tel Aviv, Brasilia (works of Le Corbusier, Berlin Housing Estates if they added in the next few years) and probably also Le Havre and Casa Barragan they have certain features that could perhaps put them elsewhere but on the whole are International style
Unsure: UNAM and University of Caracas (I just don't really know where these fit in as the International school is very focused on Europe and North America) I would say Caracas would probably be included but I am unsure (out of interest has any one visited this one, it seems an odd inscription to me)
Sydney Opera House, I am certain it is not included but it certainly has the influence of the International Style in it.

Connections Forum / Connections /
 Modernist Architecture / International Style

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