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Mt Taishan -Qi Wall

Author Solivagant
#1 | Posted: 18 Apr 2010 10:42 | Edited by: Solivagant 
A lot of queries arising at the moment!!!

Funnily enough I had reason to research this subject when I was reviewing the Harper Collins book. The Qi wall certainly "passes by" MT Taishan - but is it included within the currently inscribed area? Herewith the assesment I reached earlier.
"Your reference to the Qi wall comes from the IUCN review, but that review is primarily about assessing Taishan's natural attributes and IUCN has no locus whatsoever on cultural matters. The ICOMOS review doesn't mention the wall at all and concentrates specifically on the cultural aspects of the mountain itself since it was that which was being nominated! So I don't think that the Mt Taishan site includes this wall at all - unfortunately it has been (and to some extent still is) far too common for countries to try to "pack" their nominations with loads of superfluous historical/Natural etc facts which they can find to talk about, irrespective of their relevance to the actual site being inscribed! A problem with your approach of copying from ICOMOS/IUCN reviews is that the early ones were not as well produced as those which came later - they owe a great deal to what the nominating country said and the "independent" investigation of all this was rather thin - all statements in them therefore need to be treated with caution! See the section on "Status of Site Boundaries" in this UNESCO review of the Taishan site from 2002

This document clearly states China's intention to extend the Mt Taishan boundary to include the Qi Wall -something which has not been done (or at least hasn't been recorded by UNESCO as having been done)
"In the new plan, the boundary is extended as far as the Taifo-Taili road on the eastern boundary, and to the Matao-Huatan road on the western boundary. Further, the Yaoxiang Forest Farm in the north-east, the Fairy Rock Temple, the Great Wall of Qi, and the Cambrian sections in Zhangxia are also included"

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 Mt Taishan -Qi Wall

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