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Greatest Altitude Variations

Author Solivagant
#1 | Posted: 1 Aug 2008 05:01 | Edited by: Solivagant 
I don't guarantee to have picked them all up! Any other suggestions/corrections? Some "surprises" I think!

3 Parallel rivers :- 760m - 6740m (Mt Kawagebo) - 5980m diff
Sagamartha :- 2845m - 8550m ("Mt Everest") - 5705m diff
Lorentz NP :- Sea Level - 4884m - 4884m diff
Virunga :- 798m - 5119m (Mt Margherita) - 4321 diff
Hawaii :- Sea Level - 4170 (Mauna Loa) - 4170m diff
Kilimanjaro :- 1830m - 5895m (Mt Kibo) - 4065m diff
Ruwenzori :- 1700 - 5119 (Mt Margherita) - 3419m diff (N.b. UNESCO docs give max alt at 5109 but i have altered to conform with Virunga and other sources)

By the way I thought we had looked earlier at "Contiguous but not shared" and rejected it (as not having 3??). Do we not have have 3 in -
Ruwenzori (Uganda) - Virunga (DRC)
Los Katios (Columbia) - Darien (Panama)
Sundarbans (India) - Sundarbans (Bangladesh)
and what about Rome and Vatican City - contiguous as I understand it?

Author m_m
#2 | Posted: 2 Aug 2008 02:03 
well, the first site the came to me was lorenz np, since the altitute variation was actually noted in the nomination's citation. for "contiguous but not shared", the libyan rock art site and algerian mixed site are next to each other. but i'm not sure if the cultures portrayed in their rock arts are common to possibly merit a "transborder" designation (i believe that the dating is quite different for both)... interesting with the rome and vatican connection, since rome happens to be shared world heritage property between italy and the holy see... don't have the details for the nominations, but is there a possible of multiple designations here, as part of both rome and vatican city heritage sites?

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 Greatest Altitude Variations

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