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WMF List 2010

Author Khuft
#1 | Posted: 13 May 2009 19:03 
I'm not sure in how far you guys are also following the World Monuments Fund's Watch List on 100 most endangered heritage sites in the world, but I believe they should be publishing their new list quite soon as well. It's only published every two years, and the last one (WMF List 2008) was published on 6th June 2007.

Do you have any info on when we can expect their new list?

Author m_m
#2 | Posted: 13 May 2009 23:04 | Edited by: m_m 
well, it will be quite busy during the next few months in terms of "updating listings": wmf endangered sites, world heritage list, memory of the world program, intangible heritage. not to mention that this year will also see the selection of an olympic host city. interestingly, i had not been well-informed about the wmf listing, probably because i only visit the site once every two years, lol. oh well, but in previous years, i certainly remembered that they release their list during the latter half of an odd year, not during the middle part. oh well...

as for other unesco listings, geoparks will be updated every even year. so comparatively, the odd years are quite crowded with activities. as for the other major listing, the biosphere reserve, there has not been an update for the last two years, i think...

Author m_m
#3 | Posted: 26 May 2009 23:05 

Author elsslots
#4 | Posted: 28 May 2009 14:45 
new biosphere reserves:

at least 4 of them are also already WHS, there's a considerable overlap between these 2 lists

Author Solivagant
#5 | Posted: 7 Oct 2009 05:49 | Edited by: Solivagant 
The "Connections" for this need to be changed now the new list is out - when you have time Els!!
a. Entries in the previous list moved to "World Monuments Watch (past)" (some may already be on the connection)
b. The new entries added to "World Monuments Watch". Sometimes sites stay on the list from a previous entry but, as far as I can make out, there are no examples of this here.

For "b" above I list below those sites from this year's WMF list which are, or include, or are included within a WHS -I have also added a short indication of why they have been put on the WMF list. General deterioration (with lack of money and skills), need for assistance to develop management plans and concern over urban development seem to be the 3 main "themes". With 16 entries it represents a reduction compared with the 25 last time

I have also produced a list of those WMF sites which are also on the UNESCO T List (there may be some missing as the T List descriptions are often "thin" or "cryptic"!) This can be of interest since action on such sites may indicate that they are being "spruced up" for nomination! Again I indicate the action being taken. One I note of interest is that for the Muharraq Suq (Bahrain) -a bit worrying if Shaika May is hoping to get this site inscribed at the 2011 WMC being hosted in Manama!

There are some other sites on the WMF list which one might have thought warranted being considered for WHS inscription ahead of others already on T Lists - but others are surprising in their presence on the list - given the number of buildings/sites around the World which DO need action for preservation. Those in UK and USA for instance seem to "over-represent" those 2 countries with lower priority sites!

WHS on the 2010 WMF Watch list (WHS named first where scope/name is significantly different)
Ciudad Univeristaria de Caracas - Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (Entry missing from WMF Web site??)
Taos Pueblo (Concern about long term stewardship in the face of nearby developments and visitor numbers)
Edinburgh Old and New Towns - Edinburgh Graveyards (Concern about general deterioration)
Works of Antoni Gaudi - Sagrada Familia Barcelona (Concern about impact of railway tunnel on foundations)
Route of Santiagao de Compostela (Concern about damage from new highway)
Avila (Concern about city development)
Toledo (Concern about city development)
Cathedral Alcazar etc of Seville - Historic Landscape of Seville (Concern about city development including Torre Pelli)
Villages with Fortified Churches - Fortified Churches of S Transylvania (WMF listing apparently only covers the churches)
Baroque Churches of Philippines - La Asuncion (Urgent need for preservation action to prevent further collapses)
Rice Terraces of Philippine Cordillera (Need for urgent action in the face of widespread abandonment of terraces)
Machu Picchu (Concern for imact of visitors and services developed for them)
Jerusalem - Cathedral of St James (Structural problems and deterioration of interiors)
Cuenca - Todos Santos Cathedral (Urgent preservation actions needed)
Cartagena - Fortresses of San Fernando/San Jose (Concern over impact on structures of planned deepening of water channel for ships)
Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos (assistance to local communities to develop/implement management plan)

T List entries on 2010 WMF Watch List (T List named first where scope/name is significantly different)
Old City of Herat (Concern ober unchecked development and lack of policies)
Ville de Buenos Aires - Paysage Culturel - Historic Centre and Teatro Colon (Concern over impact of development pressures)
Pearling and its cultural Landscapes - Suq Al-Qasariya (Concern over planned destruction of old market for a new Mall)
Sultunats Historiques des Comores - Ujumbe Palace, Ujumudu, Anjouan (General decay and recent collapse of part of the structure)
Siwa Archaeological Area - possibly inlcudes WMF listed site of Old Mosque of Shali Fortress? (Structial decay)
Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque (assist conservation efforts)
Ville de Lixus (Conservation and tourism managment plan)
Pachacamac (2007 earthquake caused closure of the site - lack of funding threatens it further)
Pleisticene Occupation sites - Wonderwerk Cave (erosion and threat of collapse have closed the cave)
Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings - Taliesin and Taliesin West (Landlsides at the former and general "innovation" in designs create need for research in how best to preserve)
Desert Castles of Ancient Khorezm (threatened by soil salination and general deterioriation)

Author Khuft
#6 | Posted: 13 Oct 2009 16:38 
What about the Machiya Townhouses in Kyoto? Are some of them included in the WHL's Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto?

Author Solivagant
#7 | Posted: 13 Oct 2009 18:18 | Edited by: Solivagant 
I don't think so - as the AB evaluation states "Of the 17 nominated properties 16 have religious functions" - temples and shrines plus 1 Castle as the profane building. Nara is another city with Machiya houses but again Japan has chosen only to inscribe temples/shrines, a forest and the remains of a palace. Since Japan's typical rural house (Gassho Zukuri) is represented by Shirakawa-go and Gokayama this lack of a Machiya example could be regarded as a gap. Japan's T List isn't going to do anything about it apparently and one can hardly blame them not taking on UNESCO's over strict anti-development rules for what are city centre buildings. Worth preserving yes but with more realism than UNESCO seems to adopt.

What are they doing all day in Paris anyway? Forum / What are they doing all day in Paris anyway? /
 WMF List 2010

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