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Tentative Lists (Progress, Development, Update)

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Author meltwaterfalls
#676 | Posted: 21 Jul 2022 09:11 
Thanks for that Digits, (and for your current review of Vatnajökull)

So the new tenative list will be:
1. The Passage Tomb Landscape of County Sligo
2. Transatlantic Cable Ensemble: Valentia-Heart's Content, County Kerry (a serial transnational nomination with Canada)
3. Royal Sites of Ireland: Dún Ailinne County Kildare; Hill of Uisneach, County Westmeath; Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary; Rathcroghan County Roscommon and Tara County Meath; (potential for a serial transboundary nomination to include Emain Macha/Navan Fort, County Armagh)

The passage tombs in Sligo are new to me. I wonder if they may be too similar to Brú na Bóinne to gain traction, having said that I really loved visited the tombs at Loughcrew, so maybe these will be just as, if not more enjoyable.
I'm hoping I have actually been inside the boundary of the transatlantic cable site on Valentia Island whilst waiting for my boat to the Skelligs, I did intentionally venture there having read about teh cable in teh guidebook, but I probably got the wrong site.

These were the three other propossals:
4. The Cultural Landscape of the Burren Uplands, County Clare: Work on a full masterplan between Clare and Galway and support to be offered with an idea of re-adding it to the t-list in 2024
5. Iniscealtra (Holy Island), Co. Clare: No OUV
6. Glendalough Valley, County Wicklow: Putting together a masterplan as a National Park, probably come back when that is finalised

I'm really surprised Clonmacnoise has actually dropped off, having been rumoured to be the case, to my mind that is the finest non inscribed site in Ireland.
Dublin always felt like a bit of a convaluted long shot, so not surprised it was taken off, even if I was supportive myself.

Author elsslots
#677 | Posted: 26 Jul 2022 04:49 
Two new ones have appeared on the UNESCO website:

Saint-Honorat, Île monastique de l'archipel de Lérins à Cannes 21/07/2022

Republic of Korea
Archaeological Remains at the Hoeamsa Temple Site in Yangju City 20/07/2022

Author elsslots
#678 | Posted: 31 Aug 2022 15:02 
Three sites have disappeared from the official Tentative Lists - they're now at 1736.
Anyone who knows which 3 have gone? It's not the Irish ones.

Author jonathanfr
#679 | Posted: 31 Aug 2022 16:44 | Edited by: jonathanfr 

Author jonathanfr
#680 | Posted: 22 Sep 2022 05:34 
Fujian Minjiang River Estuary: The ecotone between marine and terrestrial biogeographical regions (China)

Author elsslots
#681 | Posted: 22 Sep 2022 05:55 
You were just ahead of me again, jonathanfr!

Wonder if we now will also get to see the update of the Irish Tentative List.

Author elsslots
#682 | Posted: 3 Nov 2022 06:27 
The UNESCO website has the count of the TWHS up to 1739 since yesterday (+2), though I don't see any new recent entries. Any ideas? Maybe they revived 2 older ones?

Author elsslots
#683 | Posted: 4 Nov 2022 07:58 | Edited by: elsslots 
Found it!

2 more from Azerbaijan:
Prehistoric sites of the Azykh and Taghlar caves 23/08/2021 (also returned to Azeri control in 2020)
Khudafarin Bridges and related sites 15/07/2021 ("Azerbaijan reestablished control over the villages on 18 October 2020 during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war.")

P.S: moved the discussion about these to a separate Azerbaijan topic

Author elsslots
#684 | Posted: 29 Nov 2022 10:27 

Author jonathanfr
#685 | Posted: 1 Dec 2022 06:08 
Russian Federation
Denisova Сave 21/10/2022

Archeological Site Naranjo Sa'aal 18/10/2022
National Theater of Guatemala 18/10/2022

Author elsslots
#686 | Posted: 1 Dec 2022 06:17 | Edited by: elsslots 
It seems they have rehired staff and resumed work at the WHC bureau!

Author jonathanfr
#687 | Posted: 1 Dec 2022 07:27 
Yes, it's strange because it takes place at the same time as the session in Morocco concerning intangible heritage.

Author Pavel
#688 | Posted: 1 Dec 2022 14:53 
New web pages of Ireland World Heritage with updated tentative list already released:
There is also the technical evaluation:

Author winterkjm
#689 | Posted: 8 Dec 2022 10:46 

Author Solivagant
#690 | Posted: 9 Dec 2022 02:38 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Bashkir Shikhans: Toratau, Yuraktau and Kushtau 01/12/2022

Bashkir Shikhans: Toratau, Yuraktau and Kushtau - This T list addition has an interesting "back story" behind its "exotic" title and its location in a part of Russia about which, I suspect, few of us (and certainly not myself!) know much at all - Bashkortostan.

The 3 named "Shikhans" are isolated mountains consisting of exposed Permian reefs. The intention would be to nominate them on geological criterion xiii for their palaeontological remains and evidence of tectonic movements which resulted in the formation of the Urals etc. They are also a "sacred landscape" for the Bashkir people (though there doesn't seem to be any intention to claim OUV for that).

However, their limestone has also made them the target of quarrying activity - to the extent that a 4th "Shikhan" named "Shakhtau" has already largely disappeared - "Shakhtau is now a limestone quarry, officially a "limestone deposit", for the Sterlitamak soda-cement plant (OJSC Soda). The development of limestone began in 1950. By 1975, the top part of Tsar-Gory was reduced by more than 35 meters (115 ft). By now, there is almost nothing left of the mountain" (Wiki)

It appears that the "Bashkir Soda Company" ("founded in May 2013 as a result of merging Soda JSC and Kaustik OJSC to become one of the largest chemical companies in Russia." (Wiki) has set its eyes on, at least a part of, the remaining Shikhans! As a result they have become the focus of protest and activism to protect them - operating at State, Federal and International levels. Their appearance on Russia's T List at just this time (It might, of course. have been sent to UNESCO before the Ukrainian invasion in Feb 22) seems slightly surprising - at least to this "outsider" regarding knowledge of Russian politics and society. Is there anyone out there who can shine some light on the power balances between all the players involved? For whom does this T List appearance represent a "victory" and for whom a "defeat"? Or is it all just "top show" which is really just a temporary cover for other actions?

Of the 3 remaining Shikhans mentioned in the T List title, Toratau (1965) and Yuraktau (1985), had been given some protection. Nevertheless, this report from 2015 gives a history of the movement trying to prevent the hand over of Toratau to the Soda company. Then Russia nominated Toratau and Yuraktau as a UNESCO Geo-park – but, leaving out Kushtau. This was thought to have been deliberate with the intention of mining it - "this geopark is a cover for the destruction of a unique geo heritage" (See Here). The demand was that UNESCO shouldn't consider it because of the fragmentation - but it did accept the Nomination (here). It was originally scheduled for inclusion in 2021 but wasn't among the successful 2021 candidates and doesn't appear to have been evaluated yet.

But the concern about why Kushtau had been excluded seems to have been justified. This report from Greenpeace Russia describes events of August 2020 when attempts were made to start development there - and here "The Battle for Kushtau Hill". This "battle" appears to have been regarded as "success" for the protestors, and the Head of Bashkortostan. Radiy Khabirov, seems to have at least made a tactical retreat, promising "dialogue" and "compromise"! Although he is a sanctioned individual who "was involved in and financially benefited from corruption schemes designed to provide corrupt sources of income to politicians and government officials and their families. Khabirov's daughter Svetlana lives and owns real estate in Austria, his other daughter Rita lives in the UK"– so much for the "strength" of UK/European sanctions against Russia and its ruling families!

And now, in late 2022, even though the UNESCO Geopark nomination of 2 of them remains open, all 3 Shikhans have suddenly appeared on Russia's T List!? This report of March 2021 shows the complex relationship between The Russian State, the Bashkortostan Republic and the Bashkir Soda Company - "Russia's internal republic of Bashkortostan will control the Bashkir Soda Company (BSC), whose shares recently came under the ownership of the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with government members. Putin said Bashkortostan would receive ownership of 38.3% of shares from the state stake, which amounts to 95.7%, and control of another 11.7% + 1 share. The republic will thus manage the controlling stake in BSC, while Russia will remain the owner of control in the company."

What is going on? Was the T List entry to be "offered" as a "green olive branch" to coincide with the Kazan WHC (Bashkortostan abuts Tatarstan)? Has the Russian UNESCO delegation "gone rogue" or has that nice Mr Khabirov decided to agree with the protestors and deprive the Bashkir Soda Company of any future access to the resources of the Shikhans? And is that nice Mr Putin happy to let this Republic do that to a Russian owned company? This report suggests that the protests regarding Kushtau were a manifestation of a deeper "Nationalist" agenda which is currently particularly active because of the "Ukraine adventure" – or is this all "Western/Ukrainian propaganda" (or at least "wishful thinking") without foundation?

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What are they doing all day in Paris anyway? Forum / What are they doing all day in Paris anyway? /
 Tentative Lists (Progress, Development, Update)

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