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Adding Categories to TWHS

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Author elsslots
#271 | Posted: 6 Dec 2021 04:25 

Author elsslots
#272 | Posted: 6 Dec 2021 05:05 
I forgot to copy Ecuador, here they are:

Bosque petrificado de Puyango – Non-hominid fossils
Cultural Itinerary of Ecuador's Trans-Andean Train - Transport and Trade
Mayo Chinchipe - Marañón - Archeo Pre-Columbian
Parque Nacional Machalilla - Mixed: Coastal (chosen over Forest, it's also a wetland) + Archeo Pre-Columbian
Zaruma ciudad minera - Urban landscape Colonial + Mines (El Sexmo)

Author elsslots
#273 | Posted: 6 Dec 2021 06:16 | Edited by: elsslots 
The following ones were uncategorized. I've split them into more individual issues and structural ones. The latter I will copy to the Inadequate Categories topic:

Lalbagh Fort - Palace or Archeo South Asian?

Taman Negara - Mountain - Very generic national park. I put this category first because the description gives it more importance than the rest. Could be diverse ecosystems as well

The President Coolidge - Memorials and monuments? A shipwreck. What about "Transport and Trade" or "Military and Fortifications"? Depending on whether you value the passenger function or the war role higher.

The Nowon and Votwos of Ureparapara - Religious, Archaeology or CL?

Ancient Kano City Walls and Asociated Sties -  ("14km earthen wall ...11th century C onwards ....archaeological site of Dala Hills (first settlement of Kano), the large Kurmi Market and the 15th century Emir's Palace......The ancient Kano city walls and associated sites is a cultural landscape." But is it a CL??)

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park - is clearly not the coastline but the lagoons/lakes in the sand dunes. So I would prefer putting it into Rivers, Wetlands and Lakes also if the surronding for the lakes is strange from the perspective we normally know and btw creating a very specific ecosystem in the lakes.


Recent Archeology ones
La Cité Historique de Hamdallahi - it is archaeology in a sense, but of the most recent kind, so maybe Relict? Or just straight Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa
Ciudad Vieja / La Bermuda -  Archeo sites post-Columbian? Similar issue to what we had with Archeo medieval Europe – these are just of a later date but still archeological remains. 
Sites of Great Moravia -  it's an Archeological site of Medieval Europe, but we don't have a category for this. The most similar site I can think of is Bolgar. We have this as Urban landscape - Medieval European, which doesn't feel right either.

Geological ones
Baltic Klint - Baltic Klint is about the Geology and Stratigraphy of the Klint - not its Marine/Coastal location or anything about the ecosystem of that location. Needs a category like Earth History
La Brea Pitch Lake - another "Geological/Geomorphological site for which we don't have an adequate category
Abu Dhabi Sabkha - This site is about Geology/Geomorphology and not about an ecosystem. IMO we don't have a suitable Category for it
Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (Monaco + France) - (For Italy we said Mountain Marine & Coastal. For Monaco we put it aside. It is really "geological"

Pilgrimage roads
Darb Zubayda - "NOTE 1 These 3 ""Pilgrimage Roads"" have almost exactly cloned descriptions on the UNESCO Web site inclusing the same suggested criteria AND the same ""Comparison"" sites. They are described as comprising - ""Stations and Forts""...""Pools, canals and wells, and water reservoirs... along the route through the desert.... in use from the pre-Islamic period to ....the 13th century CE"".
The Comparators suggested include
The Negev Incense Rte (Which we have as a Relict CL – though the AB eval calls it a ""Fossilised CL"").
The Kii Mountain pilgrimage route (Which we have as ""CL Assoc"")
The Spanish Rte of Sant de Compost (Which we have as a Religious Structure)
Silk Roads (Which we have as ""Transport & Trade"").
All 3 ""roads"" justify the same answer – but which? CL Relict or ""Transport & Trade""? I don't know!"
Syrian Hajj Road -
Egyptian Hajj Road -

Modern architecture
Alvaro Siza's Architecture Works - "His work in Portugal includes various building types: individual houses and entire residential areas, churches, restaurants and public buildings such as schools, universities and libraries." How to choose or what else?
-> we have this one left as an isolated case, but the issue also occurs at other modern architecture sites

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About this website Forum / About this website /
 Adding Categories to TWHS

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