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Adding Categories to TWHS

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Author elsslots
#196 | Posted: 14 Nov 2021 09:01 
Will continue with the countries starting with CA

Author Solivagant
#197 | Posted: 14 Nov 2021 12:55 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Gisement de dinosaures du Niger - Non Hominid fossils

Itineraires Culturels du Desert du Sahara : Route du sel - Transport & Trade

L'ensemble des forêts protégées de la région d'Agadez - Forest

La foret classée, le lac de Madarounfa et les tombeaux des 99 saints (Mixed) Wetland / Burial / Religious Islamic ("Avec ses îlots et ses forêts classées avoisinantes, le lac de Madarounfa de 800ha constitue un refuge pour une avifaune abondante et variée". The land area is subject to annual flooding hence "Wetland" chosen rather than "forest". The Cult selection is Burial but with or without Islamic? "The wetland includes "the tombs of the 99 saints" which attract Muslim pilgrims from Niger, northern Nigeria, Senegal and Mali." – so I have included)

La Reserve Naturelle Nationale de l'Air et du Ténére (Extn) - Desert

La vieille ville de Zinder, quartier de Birni et le Sultanat – Urban L'scape African (Capital of Sultanate set up in Zinder in 1812...palace built 1850/2....the Birni quarter in which it is situated is protected by a wall built 1855/6... with 7 gates each playing "un rôle socio-économique, culturel et/ou religieux."..... "C'est à Birni que l'on trouve les maisons les plus décorées de Zinder" the side of the Palace the Friday mosque ... soudanaise de type tombouctien". Issue – treat as an ensemble or as separate Palace and even Mosque? I choose the Ensemble category. All such ensembles are going to include a palace and a Mosque)

Le fleuve Niger, les îles et la vallée (Mixed) - River &Wetlands / CL Continuing ("diverse and varied cultural heritage...includes 14 inhabited islands (with).. special traditions such as houses painted by women...settled since prehistoric times. Rock engravings and terracotta statues...." Would have to be a CL continuing – though this appears nowhere in the Text.)

Le site de Lougou ("Mixed") - Religious Indigenous /("important place of worship related to the animist Saraounia of the sacred stone of judgment....the Azna cults of Jakouda, the cemetery of the queens, the battle of 1899, and the current residence of Saraounia"...." Sarraounia Mangou was a chief/priestess of the animist Azna subgroup of the Hausa, who fought French colonial the Battle of Lougou in 1899" . It is Cultural not mixed as we currently have it. See my separate post for more on this).

Les mosquées en terre de la région de Tahoua – Religious Islamic (The 1st of the 2 mosques mentioned was built by a Nigerien architect in 1962 and subsequently extended. It was based on local styles using traditional materials. The 2nd followed in 1989 by a "pupil" of the master. It isn't clear, however, whether other mud structures designed by the same architect are included. "Le paysage culturel en terre marqué par les différents types de mosquées et également des édifices (palais, habitations, greniers, etc.) constitue des chefs-d'œuvres exceptionnels dans la région de Tahoua. La conception de l'ensemble de ces œuvres s'intègre à part entière dans l'aménagement du village" . If so it would strengthen a case for an architectural category as well?)

Mare d'Ounsolo ou N'Solo – Wetland (A lake and surroundings. The UNESCO text compares it with Niokolo Koba which we have as "Fauna"....but that doesn't seem to be justified here – even if it is in Senegal?)

Massif de Termit – Grasslands ("De façon générale, la végétation est de type steppique du regroupement Acacia- Panicum des cotés Ouest et Sud du massif de Termit. A l'Est, on a plutôt des steppes herbeuses")

Palais du Zarmakoye de Dosso – Palace ("a compound where previous Zarmakoye are buried. The impressive palace itself is surrounded by a wall. It dates from 1904". Does it justify "Burial" as well? 7 have been buried since 1904. I think not. It is compared with Kano palace! )

Parc national du W, sites archéologiques (Extn) – Arch Site Sub Saharan Africa ("some 60 prehistoric sites. They have been found along the Mékrou river. They date from the Late Paleolithic, the Neolithic and the appearance of an iron metallurgy".)

Partie nigerienne du lac Tchad (This T List entry from 2006 is solely Natural – presumably it has been superseded by the next from 2018)

Paysage culturel du Lac Tchad (Niger) (Mixed) CL Continuing / Lake & Wetlands

Plateau et Fortin du Djado – Arch Site Sub Saharan Africa /Rock Art ("Plateau and fortifications of Djado comprise rock art and a dry stone structures made by ancient populations of the Sahara". Niger claims both Crit I for the art and ii for the stutctures - so I guess we need to categorise as such.)

Réserve de faune de Galbedji - Grassland ("Sahelian wooded steppe and grassland. It is the habitat of damas gazelles (threatened..), patas monkeys and jackals.)

Site archéologique de Bura – Arch Site Sub Saharan Africa (Arch site with "necropolises and religious altars. It dates from.... 3rd - 13th century. Anthropomorphic terracotta funerary urns.......including the oldest terracotta equestrian statuettes from the Niger basin.")

Zone Giraphe – Fauna ("last remaining population of the W African giraffe..Some 600 survive, having recovered from only 49")

I will move back to the next "Ms" - Myanmar, Mozambique, Moldova, Monaco, Mauritius and. Mauritania (ie hopefully completing all AFTER Malta)

Author Solivagant
#198 | Posted: 14 Nov 2021 13:04 | Edited by: Solivagant 
A personal reason for spending time on this "categorization exercise" is the extra knowledge sometimes acquired by so doing. In particular - about some of the little "gems" residing unknown and unheralded on the TList (at least - to me!). "Le Site de Lougou" from Niger has been one such. I will share my "delight" for anyone who is unaware of it. It as yet unvisited by any one from our much travelled community, and even lacks any coordinates to place it on the map (Els – they are 13.857378, 4.242285 ).

Now, I am not unknowledgable about the "Scramble for Africa" but perhaps know more about the details of UK expansion than that of France – particularly across that vast Saharan area shaded green on my old maps. On reaching Fashoda, France backed down and left the Nile and the "best bits" to the British (!!) whilst "we" happily ceded that vast "useless" area.....! But, at Lougou, in April 1899 there was a "skirmish" during the much larger campaign by France to unify its West African Empire. Perhaps French school children learn about what happened, but the events surrounding the battle and its aftermath were unknown to me. See Voulet–Chanoine Mission if you are not aware and wish to be so.

The events at and leading up to Lougou (and thereafter) have also been made into a movie (1986) "Sarraounia". I have been unable to find a full version on the Web but this "commentated review" version shows it reasonably and also highlights some of the historical inaccuracies. .

The movie was a Burkinabe, rather than a Nigerien, production – not unreasonable since Ougadougou is the centre of "Movie Africa". The fact that it also involved a Mauritanian as director shows the extent to which Sarraounia has become a historical heroine to the Hausa and to West Africa more generally. Yet - of the T List "shrine" of Sarraounia, I can find nothing on the Web – not so much as a photo, let alone a travel description. Neither does my, admittedly rather old, guide book of Niger contain anything about the place. So, there may or may not be anything tangible to "inscribe" (beyond being a place of National pride which is unlikely to count for much). In any case Niger teeters on the edge of chaos – insurgency, drought etc. It got Agadez inscribed in 2013 and might be part of Lake Chad's inscription if it is ever safe enough for an AB to go there and evaluate it! But - next time you flick through the 1700+ sites on the T List spare a little thought for "Lougou" – it is likely to stay there for a long time, but is worth knowing about - even if it will never make it into the "Top 50 missing" (except possibly in W Africa)!!

Author Astraftis
#199 | Posted: 14 Nov 2021 18:58 | Edited by: Astraftis 
it's a grassland/steppe, but we don't have a category for it

We've noticed this a few times now. Anyone with objections to creating a new category called "Tundra and steppe" already?

Of course not! So, as "Grassland" or "Grassland and Tundra" or "Rather sparse and not too undulated landscapes"? :-D

I wonder if some of our "problems" derive from not adopting existing "top down" categorisations?

We could try at the end to see whether there are enough existing of these to cover all that we have now. Maybe there is a geological one the covers mountain, eroded, karst etc

Karst and Eroded already sound enough similar to be conflated in one category; Mountai nseems different. But for the former, the distinction could perhaps be changed to something like subterranean vs. open air. Also, I continue advocating soemthing like "Earth's evolution" for those geological sites whose OUV is not identified in their specific geological nature or landscape, but in their role to highlight much wider processes. And there are many!

A personal reason for spending time on this "categorization exercise" is the extra knowledge sometimes acquired by so doing. In particular - about some of the little "gems" residing unknown and unheralded on the TList (at least - to me!).

Yes, I am also appreciating this aspect a lot, and even more so since I didn't take part in the T-list project of some months ago!

Now, I'd like to pursue my journey around M taking care of the remaining sites of Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, Mauritius, Moldavia, Monaco, Mozambique and Myanmar. Lots of Africa in it, and I am excite to sieve through Myanmar/Burma! :-)

PS: I read only after, @Solivagant, so I'll just go through Ms before Malta, included!

Author Solivagant
#200 | Posted: 15 Nov 2021 01:24 | Edited by: Solivagant 
am excite to sieve through Myanmar/Burma! :-)
PS: I read only after, @Solivagant, so I'll just go through Ms before Malta, included!

You are welcome to have Myanmar if it particularly interests you!! I will do it last of my selected M's - just in case you want to "claim" It!

Author Astraftis
#201 | Posted: 15 Nov 2021 09:01 
Haha, thanks, Solivagant, my excitement comes from the fact that Burma/Myanmar has been one of, if not the, brightest experiences of travel ever for me, so I was happy to go through it! :-D But I'm not so territorial, I'll just reach til Malta, it's already probably enough for my current rythms! :-)

Author elsslots
#202 | Posted: 15 Nov 2021 10:29 | Edited by: elsslots 
Cabo Verde
Camp de concentration de Tarrafal - Monument/Memorial
Centre historique de Nova Sintra - Urban landscape African (rather than Colonial, as it has indigenous and other influences away from Portugal)
Centre historique de Praia - Urban landscape Colonial
Centre historique de São Filipe - Urban landscape Colonial
Complexe d'aires Protégées de l'île de Santa Luzia et des Ilots Branco et Raso - Marine/Coastal
Parc Naturel Cova, Paúl et Ribeira da Torre - Mixed: Cult landscape continuing + Flora
Parc Naturel de Fogo – Chã das Caldeiras - Volcanic
Salines de Pedra de Lume - Mixed : Mining + Volcano

Ancient City of Ondong - Archeo South East Asian
Beng Malea Temple - Archeo South East Asian + Religious Hindu
Former M-13 prison/ Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (former S-21)/ Choeung Ek Genocidal Centre (former Execution Site of S-21) - Memorial/Monument
Koh Ker: Archeological site of Ancient Lingapura Or Chok Gargyar - Archeo South East Asian
Phnom Kulen: Archeological Site/Ancient Site of Mahendraparvata - Archeo South East Asian
The ancient complex of Preah Khan Kompong Svay - Archeo South East Asian
The Archeological complex of Banteay Chhmar - Archeo South East Asian + Religious Buddhist
The Site of Angkor Borei and Phnom Da - Archeo South East Asian + Religious Buddhist + Religious Hindu

Bimbia et ses sites associés - Transport and Trade
Cross River-Korup-Takamanda (CRIKOT) - Wildlife Flora /Wildlife Fauna (as per the Nigerian TWHS)
La chefferie de Bafut - Palace
La Grande Case dans la Chefferie traditionnelle des Grassfields - Palace
La Parc national de Campo Ma'an - Forest + Fauna
La Tour de Goto Goulfey - Military/fortifications + Religious indigenous
Le Complexe des parcs nationaux de Boumba Bek et de Nki - Forest + Fauna
Le Lamidat de Rey-Bouba - Palace
Le Parc National de Bouba Ndjidda - Rivers and Lakes + Fauna
Le Parc national de Waza - Flora + Fauna
Le paysage culturel de Diy Gid Biy des Monts Mandara - Cult landscape continuing
Le Paysage culturel des chutes de la Lobé - Rivers and Lakes + Religion indigenous
Le Site archéologique de Shum Laka - Human evolution
Les Gravures Rupestres de Bidzar - Rock Art
Les mégalithes de Djohong - Archeo Prehistoric
Les Mégalithes de Saa - Archeo Prehistoric
Les Tunnels ferroviaires de Njock - Monument/memorial
Paysage culturel du Lac Tchad (Cameroon) - Rivers and Lakes + Cult landscape continuing

Gwaii Haanas – Mixed (brought forward on 6 criteria): Marine/Coastal + Archeo Pre-Columbian
Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound Glass Sponge Reefs Marine Protected Area – Marine/Coastal
Île d'Anticosti - Non-hominid fossils
Ivvavik / Vuntut / Herschel Island (Qikiqtaruk) - Mixed: Fauna + Cult landscape continuing
Qajartalik - Rock Art
Quttinirpaaq - Mixed: Glaciation + Archeo Pre-Columbian
Sirmilik National Park and Tallurutiup Imanga (proposed) National Marine Conservation Area - Mixed: Marine/Coastal + Cult landscape continuing
Stein Valley - Cult landscape continuing
Tr'ondëk-Klondike - Cult landscape continuing
Wanuskewin - Archeo Pre-Columbian
Yukon Ice Patches - Cult landscape continuing

Author Solivagant
#203 | Posted: 16 Nov 2021 03:49 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Paysage culturel d'Azougui – CL Continuing
Site archéologique de Kumbi Saleh – Arch Site African
Site archéologique de Tegdaoust – Arch Site African

Black River Gorges National Park – Insular ("Primary habitat for most of Mauritius' threatened endemic birds....and endemic plants...protects most of the island's remaining rainforest" So – "Insular" because that is why there are "endemics" there or "Forest" because that is where they live? I go for the former)

Orheiul Vechi Archaeological Landscape – CL Relict (or just a series of Arch sites "from the Early Iron Age through the Middle Ages"? The text probably makes the case for CL, it unifies them all under a single banner and avoids the problem of categorising the period!")

The Typical Crernozem Soils of the Balti Steppe (Mixed) – Natural Grasland & Steppe / Agricullture ("comprises five long-term field experiments on Typical Chernozem soil".... "closely associated with the foundation of soil science by V.V. Dokuchaev in the late 19th century")

Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (Monaco) – ("focused on the geologic features of a still active mountain chain, not yet collapsed or eroded, that is cut transversely by an ocean basin, and that bears witness to three successive geological cycles." The Monaco section happens to be all under water – but that doesn't make it "marine". Another "geological" site for which we don't really have a category. Put to 1 side for the moment)

Manyikeni and Chibuene – Arch African ("two arch sites...from around 600 to 1700...a farming community before becoming a trading station linking southern Africa and the Indian Ocean.... Manjikeni was......similar but much smaller than those of the Great Zimbabwe")

Ponta de Ouro Protected Marine Area – Coastal & Marine ("100 km ...of coast.....8 key biodiversity sites,...waters of the Indian Ocean...scenic coral reefs....sandy beaches....parabolic dunes, extensive system of lakes, coastal lagoons...extensive marshes and flooded grassland". Is connected to iSimangaliso which we have as "Wetland" but also has significant coastal aspects – Perhaps both should be coastal?? Or both should include "Wetland"? Better to keep "focussed" on a single Cat?)

The Quirimbas Archipelago (Mixed) – Coastal & Marine / Urban Continuity (Just as there can be "problems" at the boundaries between Wetland and Coastal as above there can also be between Coastal and Insular/Marine. Currently there are numerous "islands" within Coastal & Marine. What are the criteria for distinguishing? Is it distance from the "mainland" or whether any "mainland" is included, size of the island, "uniqueness" of the island ecosystem etc? Needs a "look"! Ibo Island is a £living" town and compared with Zanzibar so have assigned the same "Urban Continuity" rather than Arch Site. But could be "CL Contin")

Vumba Mountain Range – Rock Art / Religious Indigenous ("hunter-gatherer rock art paintings tucked in a sacred forest"... "a set of living Shona rituals connected with rock art symbols and the landscape.". So justifies Religious also?)

On to Myanmar

Author Solivagant
#204 | Posted: 16 Nov 2021 03:49 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Ancient cities of Upper Myanmar – Urb L'scape Asian / Relig Buddhist ("The cult & relig life...very active with...Buddhist institutions".... "Innwa, Amarapura and Mandalay are noteworthy instances of city planning". Difficulty is that the 5 cities differ as between elements which are simply "Arch sites" through to "living towns" and Pagodas. I am inclined to avoid Arch site altogether as being secondary)

Ayeyawady River Corridor - River etc / Fauna ("3 stretches.. 400 km ... of the Irrawaddy river...the major habitat of the Irrawaddy Dolphin, as well as threatened birds and turtles". Gets "fauna" IMO for the Dolphin?)

Badah-lin and associated caves – Prehistoric / Rock Art ("arch site where stone tools and rock the transition from Paleolithic to Neolithic in SE Asia.....a larger cave with nine chambers connected by narrow passages. Red ochre paintings of human hands, fish, bulls, bison, the rock shelter". Does it need "Rock Art" as well as Arch site? We have with e.g Caves & Ice Age Art and Matabo but not with e.g Bhimbetka)

Hkakabo Razi Landscape – Forest /Fauna ("forested mountain landscape which is habitat to the red panda and other endangered species. The area is also rich in birds, butterflies and orchids." I suspect we are not being consistent with when we double categorise for "type" of L'scape and Fauna or Flora? How "special" does the "fauna" have to be?)

Hukaung Valley Wildlife Sanctuary – Forest / Fauna ("exceptionally large forest area that is the habitat for many threatened fauna species including tiger. A large area of seasonally flooded grassland may also be added". As Above)

Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary – Wetland ("haven for critically endangered birds.....large natural freshwater lake with surrounding lowlands is also a RAMSAR site..provides habitats to at least 20,000 migratory and resident waterbirds". specific fauna not special or important enough?)

Inle Lake – CL Contin ("floating veg gardens....housing from several ethnic groups.....inhabitants....use the lake for fishing, navigation and commerce....simple houses of wood and woven bamboo on stilts....self-sufficient farmers"..." shores and villages constitute a genuine instance of cultural landscape". Final comment provides excuse to leave Agriculture etc out??).

Mon cities : Bago, Hanthawaddy – L'scape Asian / Relig Buddhist (Similar issues as Upper Mynmar Cities above – but even less Archaeology!)

Mrauk-U – Arch Site SE Asian (E.g Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Pagan are all categ solely as "Arch sites" – ignoring residual & contemp Buddhist Role. Have done the same here but ??

Myeik Archipelago - Coastal & Marine (contains some mainland so "Insular" not an issue)

Natma Taung National Park – Mountain / Flora ("mountain landscape in the Eastern Himalayas. It is mostly known for its highly diverse flora that is distinct due to its evolutionary isolation". E Himalayas is considered "special" for flora.)

Pondaung – Paleont Non Hominid ("palaeont site.....oldest fossils of anthropoid primates (ancestors of monkeys, apes and humans)....fossil beds are 40 million years old. Also other fauna and flora fossils")

Shwedagon Pagoda on Singuttara Hill - Relig Buddhist

Taninthayi Forest Corridor – Forest ("some of the southernmost dry seasonal evergreen forests..... transition zone between Indochinese and Sundaic zoological species. Notable fauna includes 99% of the population of the critically endangered Gurney's Pitta....Asian Elephant, Tiger, Malayian Tapir and Sunda Pangolin.")

Wooden Monasteries of Konbaung Period - Relig Buddhist

Next to omegapsic unclaimed "L's" –
Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia and Laos
All I think not done or claimed?

Author Astraftis
#205 | Posted: 18 Nov 2021 19:54 | Edited by: Astraftis 
The end of the M is here!

- Madagascar -

Ancien site industriel de Mantasoa - Factories and industry -
Eglise catholique d'Ambodifotatra de Sainte Marie - Christian -
La Haute Ville d'Antananarivo - Urban planning -
Les forets sèches de l'Andrefana - Flora - Next nomination! Emphasis on flora and biodiversity more than on fauna.
Nosy Lonjo d'Antsiranana - Insular; Indigenous - There are burial sites, but it is a general place of cult. The islet is curious, tyou know, fro ma perspective it looks like a human head...
NOSYnakà (Sahamalaza, Nosy Hara, Nosy Tanikely, Lokobe, Ambodivahibe, Ankarea, Ankivonjy) - Marine and coastal -
Réserve Spéciale d'Anjanaharibe-Sud - Forest; Fauna - Like the original site, of which it is a "linear" extension
Sud-Ouest Malgache, Pays Mahafaly - Flora; Burial - I like this pairing a lot! Also Desert and Continuing could be put on the plate, but the description goeas t length with the vegetal weirdness, and the funerary art is especially highlighted.

- Malawi -

Khulubvi And Associated Mbona Sacred Rain Shrines - Indigenous -
Lake Chilwa Wetland - Rivers, wetlands and lakes; Fauna - Waterfouls
Malawi Slave Routes and Dr. David Livingstone Trail - Transport and trade; Associative - Well, this sounds somewhat indelicate... weren't we discussing an own category for Slavery and similar misdeeds? By the way, isn't this the "associative fig tree" (under which a treaty between Livingston and local chiefs was made) that @Solivagant mentioned at some point?
Mulanje Mountain Biosphere Reserve - Forest; Mountain -
Nyika National Park - Grassland; Fauna - Lots of things in here, but the cultural aspect seems rather marginal in the proposal
Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve - Rivers, wetlands and lakes; Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa/Relict - "Vwaza presents sanitized versions of the past human occupation because of an oversimplified story that is so alluring." ...??! Relict could be used here, maybe better because of continuous use until recently, but it also stretches to prehistorical times

- Malaysia -

FRIM Selangor Forest Park - Park or garden; Science and Education - Difficult to assess, it's just not your ordinary tropical forest
Gombak Selangor Quartz Ridge - Mountain - Waiting for a more geological category. Some minor typos in the description
National Park (Taman Negara) of Peninsular Malaysia - Mountain - Very generic national park. I put this category first because the description gives it more importance than the rest.
Royal Belum State Park - Forest; Fauna - Again, let's say Forest because it originates as a forest reserve, and Fauna because of tigers!!! Much more important than trees.
Sungai Buloh Leprosarium - Civic and public works - Against a sanitary one
The Archaeological Heritage of Niah National Park's Caves Complex, Sarawak, Malaysia - Human evolution; Karst landscapes and caves -

- Maldives -

Coral Stone Mosques of Maldives - Islamic -

- Mali - A rather simple list, apart the last one

Cathédrale de Bamako - Christian -
Es-Souk - Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa -
L'Eglise de Mandiakuy - Christian -
La Boucle du Baoulé - Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa - Not much to read
La Cité Historique de Hamdallahi - African - I mean, it is archaeology in a sense, but of the most recent kind, so maybe Relict? Or just straight Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa?
La grande mosquée de vendredi de Niono - Islamic -
La Mosquée de Komoguel - Islamic -
La Réserve de biodiversité du Parc du Bafing Makana - Fauna; Rivers, wetlands and lakes -
La Réserve de la Biodiversité des éléphants du Gourma - Fauna -
Le Bassin du fleuve Niger (du seuil de Markala au lac Débo) - Rivers, wetlands and lakes; Fauna -
Le Fort de Médine - Military and fortifications -
Le Réservoir naturel du Lac Magui - Rivers, wetlands and lakes; Fauna - Birds
Le Tata de Sikasso - Military and fortifications -
Site de la Mosquée de Kankou Moussa à Gao - Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa - Despite the name, there's no mosque anymore, it is rather the archaeological site of central Gao
Sites historiques et paysages culturels du Manden - Associative - I can't really understand what's going on here... there are some remains and some buildings, but most of it is just generically tied to Mali's imperial history. This could be a generic "Historical" tag. There's only one site of four on our map, but there are all the co-ordinates

- Malta - Hi, Clyde!

Cittadella (Victoria - Gozo) - Post-Medieval European - Because it's more than just a fortification
Coastal Cliffs - Eroded - Could be again a case for a generic "Geological". I didn't feel that Marine and coastal was focused.
Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta - Military and fortifications; Maritime -
Maltese Catacomb Complexes - Christian; Burial -
Mdina (Città Vecchia) - Post-medieval European - The accent!
Qawra/Dwejra - Eroded -
Victoria Lines Fortifications - Military and fortifications -

* * * * *

Perusing African countries, I came to the conclusion that an archaeological category for Sahara, complementary to "Civilizations of Sub-Saharan Africa", might be significant.

So, which countries are we still missing?

Author elsslots
#206 | Posted: 20 Nov 2021 01:42 
Updated progress overview per country:
A-B: done
C: Ca-countries + Croatia done
E: Egypt, Estonia done
F: Fiji done
G: Germany and Greece done
I : Ireland, Italy done
L: Latvia, Libya, Lithuania done
M-Z: all done

P.S.: I am travelling at the moment, will pick up some countries later this week

Author elsslots
#207 | Posted: 22 Nov 2021 10:45 | Edited by: elsslots 
Lake Chilwa Wetland - Rivers, wetlands and lakes; Fauna - Waterfouls

I'd like to add Agriculture here as it is a mixed site (hunting and fishing)

Author Solivagant
#208 | Posted: 23 Nov 2021 05:52 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Hin Nam No National Protected Area (Extn) - Karst & Cave

That Luang de Vientiane – Religious Buddhist

Centre historique de Saida – Arch site Phoen / Urb Lscape Contin ("was foremost Phoenician city.....medieval and Ottoman monuments.....A tell mound of the Bronze age also". So – a mixture of Arch sites from many periods together with the current "mixed period" urban landscape. Needs 2 categs? Have chosen the Phoenician aspect as the most significant)

Ensemble des monuments historiques et des sites naturels du village de Menjez - Arch Prehist ("large megalithic complex. 87 grave sites have been uncovered from the Chalcolithic period or Early Bronze Age. They are basalt dolmens inserted directly into the ground.". Archaeological rather than Burial?)

L'ancienne ville de Tripoli - Urb Lscape Arab & M East ("buildings from the Mamluk and Ottoman periods. They include the citadel, mosques, schools, khans, hammams, souks, and engravings. It is also an example of a coastal medina")

La foire internationale Rachid Karameh de Tripoli-Liban – Structure – Civic & Public works ("exhibition center, designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.")

Le centre historique de la ville de Batroun – Arch Site Phoen / Urb Lscape Arabic & M East (Another town, covering lengthy periods archaeologically as well as a current urban landscape which is primarily Ottoman – "an architectural ensemble...large number of vaulted back to the late Ottoman era.....also presents an important archaeological value mainly due to the presence of vestiges which go back to various historical periods primarily Phoenician".).

Le site archeologique de Nahr el-Kalb - Memorial & Monument ("20 commemorative stelae with inscriptions on a....rock old as the Egyptian period....til the 20th century with statements about events in different languages". Most of the inscriptions are of the "Commemorative"/"Memorial" type regarding events of the era).

Ras al-Qalaat/ Ras Al Natour/ Ras el-Mlelih Promontories – CL Contin ("3 promontories represent a cultural landscape of sea salt extraction. Ras al-Qalaat has been used....for over 8,000 years." Continuing because of this in UNESCO "is an inexpensive, simple and ecological production technique which has become, to this day, an integral part of the organically evolving salt-landscape of Anfeh")

Sacred Mount Hermon and its associated cultural monuments – CL Contin / ???? ("CL and a number of Roman archaeological sites. Qasr Antar was its highest temple....named 15 times in the Bible.... Christian, Muslim and Druze religious communities....still consider this mountain as sacred."...."an outstanding example of evolving sacred cultural landscape.". No need for any separate "archaeological" categ...but, what to do about a religious categ?!)

Temple d'Echmoun – Arch site Phoenician ("ancient Phoenician cult complex, dedicated to the god of healing Eshmun. It dates from the 7th C BC... used until the Byzantine period.")

The castles of Mount Amel – Milit & Fortif

Thaba-Bosiu National Monument - Arch Site sub Saharan ("graveyard where Moshoeshoe 1 and family were buried. The most grave of Moshoeshoe I l ..buried....1996...remnants of Moshoeshoe' 1 village. The walls of two-roomed European house, several houses occupied by his relatives and villagers are still standing......interaction between Moshoeshoe and other nations with the inscriptions on a rock.....rock paintings and other forms of archaeological materials/deposits." the national shrine". Am inclined to ignore Burial & monument aspects)

Mount Nimba Strict Reserve (extension) - Forest

Providence Island – Transport & Trade ("arrival point of freed American Slaves (1822). Physical remains..... include a land dock, ancient well, original foundations and the oldest cotton tree of Liberia.". Have mirrored Valongo – but it isn't really satisfactory!)

Will take the "Ks" next – Kazakh, Kenya, DPRK, Kuwait & Kyrgyz

Author elsslots
#209 | Posted: 23 Nov 2021 10:09 
National Park (Taman Negara) of Peninsular Malaysia - Mountain - Very generic national park. I put this category first because the description gives it more importance than the rest.

We could do "diverse ecosystems", unless you are avoiding this on purpose.

Author elsslots
#210 | Posted: 23 Nov 2021 11:21 
Will do Central African Republic, Chad, Chile and ....China.... next

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