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How do I get to visit Aldabra? Forum / How do I get to visit Aldabra? /  


Author christravelblog
#1 | Posted: 2 Jul 2020 05:35 
Hi all,

does anyone have experience with this road from the E65 into the park to the lake (that part should be allright to drive).
but, then continue out of the park north, then back in to Vranjak.
this link should go to googlemaps link to route

did anyone drive that and is a 4x4 OK to do it? as the road in google is named "top biking trail".

going to visit Montenegro in August. Not sure if it ever becomes WHS but maybe as primval extension.
anyhow; as I probably won't return to the country I want to make a detour to this park anyway as it's beautiful in either case.



Author Jurre
#2 | Posted: 2 Jul 2020 09:52 
does anyone have experience with this road from the E65 into the park to the lake

Two years ago I visited the park with an excursion by bus and the bus drove all the way to the lake from the E65, so the road to the lake is definitely doable by car. But we did not drive on, so I cannot help you with the rest of the track.

Author christravelblog
#3 | Posted: 3 Jul 2020 06:23 
road to the lake is definitely doable by car

Ok! Will check. I can always just go up to the lake and explore from there and just drive back.
I have seen some photos on googlemaps in 3D and the track looks small but a lot can be done in a 4x4 of course.

Author winterkjm
#4 | Posted: 6 Feb 2022 18:47 | Edited by: winterkjm 
An extension to the Venetian Works of Defence may have been submitted for 2023 by Montenegro. I can only find one source, but the Advisory Body Recommendation and the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro did emphasize potential components that might merit inclusion, some had been excluded (various reasons) in 2017.

"Venetian fortress castles between the 15th and 16th centuries"[Montenegro Extension]

Title of Article: Ministry of Culture: ULQIN CASTLE ONE STEP CLOSER TO UNESCO"

"With this project for registration in the UNESCO List, the Castle of Ulcinj has been nominated."

"In addition to Herceg Novi, for which the procedure for fulfilling the requirements in accordance with ICOMOS recommendation will be launched soon in order to be connected to this entry in the following period, Montenegro was also a candidate for Ulcinj. The findings of the UNESCO experts indicate that the Venetian layer in Ulcinj is not persevered to the extent that it confirms the authenticity and integrity. However, as tis cultural good has undeniable cultural values that indicate the complexity of cultural influences that left a trace in Ulcinj, its status will be the subject of special attention in cooperation between the Municipality of Ulcinj and the Ministry of Culture." Jul 9, 2017 Ministry of Culture Montenegro

How do I get to visit Aldabra? Forum / How do I get to visit Aldabra? /

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